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Turkey, Israel to restore air force coordination mechanism

Turkey, Israel to restore air force coordination mechanism
Turkey, Israel to restore air force coordination mechanism

Turkey and Israel have reinstated the mechanism of coordination between Israel and Turkey air forces months after political tension between two countries have severed amid nearly all ties.

Ankara / NationalTurk – The air force coordination mechanism is installed in order to prevent misunderstandings and potential clashes between Turkish and Israeli military planes patrolling over the Mediterranean Sea, but it was suspended following the the May 31, 2010 raid on the humanitarian aid ship Mavi Marmara in September, where 9 activists killed by Israel military forces.

Turkey ended its aerial cooperation with the Israeli military in 2009, in protest of an Israeli offensive in Gaza that killed some 1,400 Palestinians. The Israeli Air Force continued to maintain an open line of communication with the Turkish Air Forces until September in order to prevent potential misunderstandings when pilots from both countries encounter one another flying over the Mediterranean as the more sensible part of the Turkey Israel conflict.

Turkey Isreal : Pragmatism over politics

An unnamed senior official of the Israeli Air Force stated that this coordination mechanism was recently reactivated as part of the two countries’ efforts to “stabilize and improve ties.” Two weeks ago, the Turkish military attache to Israel attended an Israeli Air Force briefing for foreign military officers at the Ovda Air Force Base on the sidelines of the Israeli joint maneuvers with the Italian Air Force.

The official also stated that the Israeli Air Force would also likely invite Turkey to participate in a large-scale international aerial drill that it will be hosting in Israel in 2013. “There is nothing preventing Turkey from participating,” the official said.

Turkey Israel Relations : Hitting rock bottom merely a ruse ?

Turkey expelled the Israeli ambassador in Ankara and other top diplomats and suspended all military agreements with Israel after the UN panel, led by former Prime Minister of Zealand Geoffrey Palmer, announcing Israeli forces used excessive force during the Mavi Marmara raid but concluded that Israeli blockade of Gaza was legal.

The Mavi Marmara, part of an international flotilla, was allegedly on a mission to deliver humanitarian aid to blockaded Gaza when it was raided by Israeli commandos in international waters in the Mediterranean Sea. The aid vessel was not carrying any aid on it, it was later declared.

Israel cancels yet another deal with Turkey

Meanwhile the Israeli government has canceled a $141 million contract to supply Turkey with an advanced aerial intelligence system, Israeli officials confirmed on Friday. The move appeared to reflect a profound reassessment of strategic ties with Turkey, a former ally, months after Turkey downgraded diplomatic relations with Israel.

Turkey Israel relations may never be the same as it had been until 3 years ago, it cannot escape from smarter people, that Turkey has slammed Israel on several occasions is nothing more than a political ruse, as Turkey and Israel are the only stable countries in the Middle East, where peace hangs only by a thread.

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  1. Be careful Turkey. This is another demagogic tactic from Israel. Don’t plunge in the jewish trap. Israel knows that without Turkey, it cannot do big thing against Iran. Don’t forget what they did to the Turkish flotilla in 2009. Instead, join your efforts with Iran to end jewish genocides in Palestine. As God almighty says: Never trust a jew: he is the sinner and the traitor of mankind.

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