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War against IS:Use against “Islamic State” fighter jets bomb IS-gas plant / Breaking News


The United States and its allies take another IS-positions in Syria under fire. Fighter jets should have bombed a company controlled by the Islamists natural gas plant. Turkish President Erdogan plans to deploy ground troops.

An important natural gas plant was held last night, the target of air attacks by the United States and its allies in the fight against “Islamic state” (IS). Activists of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that fighter jets bombed the input and the prayer area of Coneco complex. The system is controlled by the terrorist militia.

Several jihadists were injured, said the chief of the activists, Rami Abd al-Rahman, with. When Coneco plant if it were the most important gas plant in Syria. On Sunday, the US-led coalition had also attacked four smaller refineries and the command center of the IS in the northern Syrian city of Rakka. This was announced by the US-Middle East Command (Centcom).

With the attacks on refineries, the coalition wants to stop the financial sources of the IS. In Iraq, the U.S. Air Force attacked the extremists since the beginning of August. Washington can count on an ever wider support from European partners. After France initially joined Great Britain, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands.

War against IS:Erdogan does not rule out ground troops

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reiterated that his country is considering a military support of the US-coalition against IS. Turkey could conflict with the “not outside” are, Erdogan said at the World Economic Forum in Istanbul. Also, a deployment of ground troops did not rule out the president. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said that the government will introduce a draft mandate for deployment of the armed forces in Iraq and Syria to parliament on Monday, will debate on Thursday.

The head of the extremist Nusra Front warned the West against further air strikes in Syria. Should the United States and its allies will not set, the group will take the fight to the western countries, said the head of the Nusra Front, Abu Mohammed al-Dschulani, on Sunday in a popular Internet audio message. The message addressed to the citizens “in America and Europe”. “Your leaders are the price to pay for the war not alone, you will pay the higher price,” Dschulani said.

Only on Saturday had threatened in a video message with retaliation a spokesman for the Nusra front the United States and its allies. Nusra spokesman Abu Firas al-Suri described the international military operation against the IS in the video distributed over the Internet as a “war against Islam”. On Monday already IS-speaker had called for targeted killings of citizens from Western countries, participating in the battle against the jihadists in Iraq and Syria. The Nusra front is the branch of the terrorist network al-Qaeda in Syria.

Obama: U.S. intelligence agencies have underestimated IS

U.S. intelligence agencies have underestimated in Syria, according to President Barack Obama the extremist group “Islamic State” (IS). At the same time the United States had overestimated the impact of the Iraqi army in the fight against the advancing Jihadists, Obama admitted in a television interview broadcast on Sunday of the CBS. The extremists have chaos in the Syrian civil war made ​​more advantage than expected. Syria has become a kind of “Ground Zero” for jihadists from around the world.

Obama also drew attention to a statement by the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. This already had the “Washington Post” said that the United States had not expected such a success of IS militias. In addition, Clapper acknowledged he never thought that the Iraqi security forces could be defeated so quickly in the north of the Gulf state of the advancing jihadists and would take flight.

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