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1500 year-old ‘ Syriac ‘ Bible found in Ankara, Turkey : Vatican in shock !
23 Şubat, 2012 | 11:45
Ancient Bible in Aramaic dialected Syriac rediscovered in Turkey

Ancient Bible in Aramaic dialected Syriac rediscovered in Turkey

The relic was ‘rediscovered’ in the depositum of Ankaran Justice Palace, the ancient version of bible is believed to be written in Syriac, a dialect of the native language of Jesus.

Ankara / Turkey – The bible was already in custody of Turkish authorities after having been seized in 2000 in an operation in Mediterranean area in Turkey. The gang of smugglers had been charged with smuggling antiquities, illegal excavations and the possession of explosives and went to trial. Turkish police testified in a court hearing they believe the manuscript in the bible could be about 1500 to 2000 years old.After waiting eight years in Ankara the ancient bible is being transferred to the Ankaran Ethnography Museum with a police escort.

Ancient Bible will be shown in Ankaran Ethnography Museum

The bible, whose copies are valued around 3-4 Mil. Dollars had been transferred to Ankara for safety reasons, since no owners of the ancient relic could be found.

The manuscript carries excerpts of the Bible written in gold lettering on leather and loosely strung together, with lines of Syriac script with Aramaic dialect. Turkish authorities express the bible is a cultural asset and should be protected for being worthy of a museum.

Ancient Bible in Aramaic dialected Syriac rediscovered in Turkey

Syriac is a dialect of Aramaic – the native language of Jesus – once spoken across much of the Middle East and Central Asia. It is used wherever there are Syrian Christians and still survives in the Syrian Orthodox Church in India and a village in the vicinity of Syrian capital Damascus. Aramaic is also still used in religious rituals of Maronite Christians in Cyprus.

Experts were however divided over the provenance of the manuscript, and whether it was an original, which would render it priceless, or a fake. Other questions surround the discovery of the ancient bible, whether the smugglers had had other copies of the relic or had smuggled them from Turkey.

Vatican eyes the faith of the ancient relic

The Vatican reportedly placed an official request to examine the scripture, which was written on pages made of animal hide in the Aramaic language using the Syriac alphabet.

The copy of the ancient Bible is valued as high as 40 million Turkish Liras ( 28 Mil. Dollars)

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187 Yorum

  1. JaneK - 23 Şubat 2012

    How is the Vatican “in shock?” It looks as if they are quite calm.

  2. RHonda Wiest - 23 Şubat 2012

    Another of Turkey’s treasures

  3. Nebonid - 24 Şubat 2012

    Aramaic language also is used in Assyrian Church of East.

  4. Syriac_Student - 24 Şubat 2012

    It’s best to be extremely skeptical of such claims until trained experts have applied a series of tests for authenticity: does the writing look like Syriac writing from the proposed century? Did people in that time and place have access to the materials that are found in the ink and binding? Are there any blatant anachronisms? And so forth. I’ll believe it when my Syriac teacher believes it.

  5. Tina - 25 Şubat 2012

    I am slo glad that i found.
    This interesting tidbit.
    and that the findings are.
    Coming from Thelogians who.
    have taken time to thoroughly process their findings.

    Peace and Blessings TIna P.

  6. Mark - 25 Şubat 2012

    the last line reads :”pshet alpa o khmshama al maran” and that means was written 1500AD
    and even it mention that it was written in Nineveh ( Mosul)

  7. elizabeth - 25 Şubat 2012

    It is very interesting, and I am very glad that the Assirian Church of East is going to claim it. It should be returned to its legitmate church.

  8. Bob - 25 Şubat 2012

    Sounds like a perfect setup for the Chrislam deception…

  9. MiniMe - 25 Şubat 2012

    The writing at the bottom is readable. And according to that, the Book is not 1500 years old. It is rather written in the year 1500. It also says it is written by monks in a Monestary in Ninveh, which is today’s Mosul, Iraq. So it is obvious that this book belongs to the Assyrian Church of the Eact.

  10. Romsina - 26 Şubat 2012

    Here is the problem I have with this whole thing…they don’t give the Assyrians any credit historically . What are you afraid of?

  11. Harry - 27 Şubat 2012

    The Vatican would be nervous because not only is the language used in the book credible, but it directly conflicts with the Roman Catholic church’s belief that Jesus was the son of God and that he was the single prophet, half man, half divine – which has a severe chain reaction, the church’s long standing belief that all other religions are man made.. and so on and so forth.

    Put it this way, if that book had been found by the church first, we wouldn’t have heard about it and it would be locked away in the Vatican vault only to be seen by those who believe against its words or believe that the words it reflects goes against the church’s ‘interest’.

    Especially a church that today, is finding it very hard to identify and continue a strong following of the belief.

  12. Jewel Chowdhoury (Belgium) - 27 Şubat 2012

    If it is in between 1500 to 2000 years old Bible in the time of Jesus (pbh) you must find some where written the declaration of the last and final prophet for all mankind “prophet Mohammed (pbh)”. I do believe all the Christian around the globe will realize and find the true path is only ISLAM and billions will convert to Islam inshallah.

  13. Teo - 27 Şubat 2012

    1500-2000 years?? No way, the Syriac script was firstly used at about year 200 CE, the vowels points you can see on the Turkish codex were invented at about 800 CE, so at first sight the codex couldn’t be older than 1200 years, I believe is even newer but lets wait for some scholars to take a look.

  14. Jimmy Molotov - 27 Şubat 2012

    Any studies to be done on it should be done in Turkey. The Iranians still haven’t recieved any of their national artifacts from the British museum. The Brits or the Vatican will want to study the Bible take it then suddenly accuse Turkey of something declare sanctions and it will lost forever.

  15. rahman - 27 Şubat 2012

    Now christian should recognise thier last prophet Muhammad (sm).
    La illaha illallah
    Muhammad rasulullah.

  16. rahman - 27 Şubat 2012

    In hebrew bible song of soloman The last prophet mentioned by name
    ” Muhammadim”.And this old Bible reconfirmed that Jesus pbuh prophecised that Muhammad sm is coming to guide for whole mankind. Pope in vatican tell in your congregation to accept the truth ,Otherwise jesus will not forgive you.

  17. entreri - 27 Şubat 2012

    Christianity and Islam…biggest lies in history ever..jesus is non existent and muhammed is only a above average clever dude lived in arabistan..thats it..

  18. Omer - 27 Şubat 2012

    just wait for the result and you all will know soon :) i wonder why people now more worried about their ego and dont want to accept anything agaist their believes. peple just want to believe in new testements despite ignoring the fact why the new testement came in to place on the first place? its simple people who are playing with Chritanitym just want to put things which suits them. wake up guys dont put your ego in this. just wait for the result rather then saying crap about each other.

    @entreri — you’re a retard

  19. entreri - 28 Şubat 2012


    go f-ind- your daughter, islam means one thing : smelly socks

  20. SERPE - 28 Şubat 2012

    It proves that the region of country was a Christians territory. Unfortunatelly the turkish people with so much history and culture are still brain washed with the Cult of Islam. A cult created by a bunch of illiterate arab camel herders. A cult created by a crazy man who thought he was first the Jewish messiah and when he was rejected by the rabbis of Mecca he got angry and told his few followers to stop praying/kneeling towards Jerusalem and to start praying/kneeling towards the pagan site of the Kabbah. Muhammed and his followers robbed 2 caravans while he was a fugitive in Medina. Muhammed participated in the robbery and also killed people justifing it with the fact that he called them infidels. Anybody who did not follow his crazy commands will be killed. Muhammed also said that his favorite wife Aisha who was only 6 years old and consummated the marriage when she was only 9, making him a child molestor. Muhammed suffer from the same psychological illness of Hitler. But Muhammed was 100 times worst than Hitler. Muhammed was a Criminal. At it is a shame that intelligent people or anybody be a muslim.

  21. Luke Montgomery - 28 Şubat 2012

    This claim is a perfect example of history repeating itself as the Turkish government made the same claim in 1986. Later, it was forced to retract this claim, but the retraction never received the press coverage that the initial discovery did, so even today many Turks will claim that the Army found the Gospel of Barnabas in 1986. Now, we have another one. What is the Turkish obsession with the Gospel of Barnabas?

  22. SARGON BANIPAL - 28 Şubat 2012

    I am so pride that i am an ASSYRINAN and i can read whatever that is written on that BIBLE.our logo is shining on that BIBLE,i belevie it will shin in all the world again.AMEN.

  23. Aramiler Suryaniler - 28 Şubat 2012

    Some ignorant person here claimed that Jesus never existed. But i can tell him that there are at least 150 sources outside the Bible itself that proves that Jesus did exist including Flavius Josephus, Roman sources such as Tacitus and others.

  24. Aramiler Suryaniler - 28 Şubat 2012

    Many muslims (not all muslims) use the so called gospel of Barnabas to prove that that Muhammed was a prophet. and combine it with the Sura that speaks of Ahmad (Mhammad). But the same gospel of Barnabas also goes against things that is not there in the Quran. The Gospel of Barnabas is so fake that it contains lots of anachronisms that it smells fake. it was compose in Italian or spanish in order to syncretezise christianity and Islam as late as 1400s or 1500s AD. It doesn’t go back to the first century AD

  25. BVT - 28 Şubat 2012

    here is what’s written on the face of the bible shown in the picture:was able to read the whole phrase as it is:

    “bshemmat maran pish ktiwa aha ktawa Al idateh d rabbaneh d dera allaya b’Ninweh b shita alpa w khamashma d’ maran”.so definitely written in 1500A.D

  26. Aramiler Suryaniler - 28 Şubat 2012

    I am a syriac orthodox christian Aramean. Edessan Aramaic (also known as classical Syriac) is not only the liturgical language of the Syriac Orthodox Church and the Syriac Maronite church only.
    Its also the liturgical language of the Syriac Catholic Church and the Chaldean Catholic Church and the Church of the East (renamed Assyrian Church of the East since 1976) and The Old Church of the East (established in 1968, by a minority of the former who never wanted to change the Christmas date from 6th or 7th January to 25th December. The majority did accept the Gregorian calendar date for Christmas and are known as Assyrian church of the East. Both are separate ecclestiastical organizations).
    Edessan Aramaic (Syriac) has in fact three calligrapical styles known as Estrangelo/Estrangela (serto strangeloyo/serta strangelaya) and west-syriac and east-syriac. The west syriac (serto fshito/serta pshitta) is used only by Syriac orthodox , Syriac catholics and syriac maronites, while the east-syriac style (serta madenhaya/madenkhaya )is used by the Church of the East (1976 Assyrian church of the east), Old Church of the East and the Chaldean Catholic Church.
    Back to the artifact: the script in the artifact is in fact East Syriac (Serta madenkhaya/madenhaya) and is therefore (if its not a fake), made by someone from the Church of the East.
    Second of all the oldest of the 3 Syriac scripts mentioned above the oldest is the estrangelo that is mostly dated back to 6 AD in burialinscriptions found at Birecik (east of the upper Euphrates). Later the West-Syriac (serto fshito) script is dated back to a manuscript dated to 243 AD (vowel markings were not invented until the time of Jacob of Edessa (Urhoy, modern Urfa) (633-708 AD). And the oldest codex written with west-syriac letters is dated to 411 A.D. while the letters of the artifact are dated later.
    I don’t believe the artifact to be 1500 years old nor 2000 old for the following reason a) the east-syriac script was invented at at least during the 6th or 7th century AD. b) the text itself says in syriac
    Ba-shnath Alpa u Khameshma d Maran (in the year 1500 of Our Lord (Jesus Christ)

  27. Abu Ammar - 29 Şubat 2012

    The clear proof of existence of the Gospel of Barnabas before Islam:

    1- In 492 AD, The Pope Gelasius prohibited the circulation of forbidden books including the Gospel of Barnabas. This proves that it was exist before Islam.

    2- It was written in the time when Jesus said : “I am indeed sent to the house of Israel as a prophet of salvation ; but after me shall come the Messiah , sent of God to all the world; for whom God hath made the world. And then through all the world will God be worshipped, and mercy received, insomuch that the year of jubilee, which now Cometh every hundred years, shall by the Messiah be reduced to every year in every in every place “pointing out to the fifth pillar of Islam which is pilgrimage to Mecca.

  28. Abdul Masih - 29 Şubat 2012

    Exaggerating news! Not proven yet with Carbon-14 that manuscript 1500 to 2000 years old :)

  29. RIAZ - 01 Mart 2012

    As per Quran “prophet Mohammed (pbh)”is the last & final messenger.No more clarification required for belivers…

  30. Pinco - 01 Mart 2012

    “Shock” is an expression too often used by jounalists to people read their articles.

  31. Aramiler Suryaniler - 02 Mart 2012

    Abu Ammar here is your answer against your “Gospel of Barnabas apology”

  32. Abu Ammar - 02 Mart 2012

    The Gospel of Barnabas is not the only Gospel which confirms most of the teachings of the Qur’an. There is also “The Shepherd of Hermas.” In 1922, a third century papyrus manuscript of “The Shepherd” surfaced, and once again it confirmed the teachings of the Qur’an, and once again, this Gospel was destroyed and hidden from the masses. During the first centuries AD., both of these books were considered authentic and canonical and preached as the true word of God.

  33. me - 19 Mart 2012

    why are there paper clips on it? why isn’t it in a humidor? why are they letting people touch it with greasy human hands? If this were real wouldn’t they take care of it a little better.

  34. Mind - 24 Mart 2012

    The christiens leaders of the world wil never accept the gospel of barnabas because accepting it renders christianity invalid. Only the lucky ones would accept islam.

  35. asfedel - 30 Mart 2012

    Muslims believe in Jesus as a prophet of Allah, not the sun of Allah or any part of Allah. Muslims have never condemned Jesus or called him a criminal, in fact, any muslim who doesn’t believe in Jesus is not a complete muslim. Search every where to prove me wrong. SERPE ‘ll live to regret himself in this life and next by cursing our prophet Muh’d (SAW)he who came with the book that has been memorised by the million of muslims in arabic literature, the Language of the prohet Muhammad (SAW). I challenge you SERPE to bring a bible written in a native language of Jesus I.e Aramaic which is older than the holy qur’an and see what’s contained therein. We believe that qur’an is 1,400+ year old, so let there be bible of 1,500-2,000 year old if you dispute the one found in Turkey

  36. Andrew - 25 Mayıs 2012

    I had to laugh! How is this goind to “shock” the Vatican or anyone else for that matter? It is created too long after Jesus died (up to 500 years) making other extracts far older and original. Iran claims this old book “proves” Jesus predicted the coming of Mohammed. So, he predicted the arrival of a warlord with a history of murders and brutality, rape of women, and incest of children who subjugated the people of Medina against their will when they considered Mohammed and his gang nothing more than highway robbers and tried to drive them out? How is that anything new? Allow me to laugh. Nothing coming from Muslim land will shake anyone up in the world. You may get slaughtered like lambs again in the near future, like we did in the past when your evil unwanted presence tried to dominate us – but apart from that no one cares or respects a single word coming from Muslims. You are known as the spawn of the devil: the most evil people on earth.

  37. Andy - 25 Mayıs 2012

    There are much older findings than this related to the life of Jesus. All it proves is that the area where the evil Mohammed subjugated people like a tyrant to follow him, was Christian dominated. There are many extracts in the Koran which is stolen from much more ancient religions like the Jewish, Christian and Hindu faith. Mohammed was the spoilt, criminalzied and evil child of religion and the only leader who has more blood on his hand than good deeds. There is not other religion on earth that has a prophet that is an evil warlord who wants his subjects to suffer oppression, punishment and hatred. Do you find any evil prophets in Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism? NO. Only Islam takes instructions from a man who was pure evil and had no other knowledge except the plagiarism he conducted from other faiths.

  38. Andy - 25 Mayıs 2012

    asfedel – you are an ignorant joke. There are scriptures in Pali language that were written from Jesus’ sermons that are 2000 years old and were found in North India – long before your nasty little warlord Mohammed even took his first breath. There has been problems translating them because the language is forgotten. However the segments that have been translated 1800 years ago into Tibetan reveal a man who never did an evil thing to anyone, even an animal, and spoke only about love – unlike your Mohammed who was the epitome of human evil.

  39. Andy - 25 Mayıs 2012

    asfedel – Jesus learned several languages as a child including the ancient language spoken in North India called Pali. He traveled widely across the east.

  40. Andy - 25 Mayıs 2012

    Mind – only evil people are attracted to Islam. People who love to make others suffers adore Islam. Muslims have no consciousness of goodness. You thrive on pure evil. Islam is known as sheer evil in the world. The idea that any non-Muslim country would throw themselves to Islam when some Muslim rant from 1500 years ago comes to surface is pure comedy. There is not one spot on the face of the earth that respects a Muslim. NOT EVEN ONE.

  41. Andy - 25 Mayıs 2012

    Abu Ammar: The Gospel of Barnabas is nothing anyone would be interested to follow. You have to understand that these people were followers of Jesus and not Jesus himself. If 1 billion Muslims write their version of the Koran each, who would follow? A handful perhaps. The religious are only interested in Jesus’ own words, not those of Paul, Barnabas and other conservatives. From a historical perspective it may be interesting since we are actually allowed to investigate and research, which you Muslims never really do about Mohammed’s conduct and whether he was a good or bad man, or even existed at all (where is the historical proof?). Barnabas was a Cypriot Jew. To Christianity as a whole he has no importance. In fact, if the Church would propagate cruelty and evil against people like Islam does, the masses will not respect or follow the Church.

  42. ramsar - 25 Mayıs 2012

    Jesus was asked “What is the first commandment?” Jesus answered “O Israel…..” It is clear that he was assressing his people, the Israelites. What business the non Israel got to do with the teaching of Jesus when it’s not addressed to them? While Islam is a universal call for all mankind including Jinn! Just food for reflections!

  43. MP - 27 Mayıs 2012

    ramsar: and how do you know he wasn’t just addressing the people he was speaking to at the moment? Had it been anyone else, he would have referred to them by name.

  44. geo - 28 Mayıs 2012

    These “religions” are purely a way of life of an individual during a lifetime. Each period( cycle) of time was told in stories of that individual whom they wrote about. In each cultures, that individual was given names during the cycle or period of life. Basically throught an individuals life He goes through hardships that teaches valuable lessons. In short, the individual whose actions was the words(stories) in the religious texts was given sight to these stories and made them real in His life. In closing, that individual would be…

  45. geo - 28 Mayıs 2012

    If you say the individual is Abraham, Shiva, Bhudda, Mohammad, Krishna, Noah, David, etc….then you are all correct…they all have the same “GOD”…all are only an individual…

  46. Usman Adam - 09 Haziran 2012

    Alhamdulillah hamdan kasiran tayiban mubarakum fi.the truth is out so the christain brothers and sisters should look into this and have faith and islam is the true religion.wasalamulaikum

  47. Andrew lid - 21 Temmuz 2012

    recently read about the prophet Mohamed,i thnk ol dat is said about hm isnt true at acording to sources,he basicaly had done ol dat jesus did! N even more! Am shockd about y ppl criticize hm,was humble n spent ol hs lyf spreadin peac n evading bad morals acros arabian,from ppls hearts,ppl should read islamic sources about hm than critisiz!!! Hez teachings r way greater!, Adeus

  48. RIAZ - 22 Temmuz 2012

    why some people don’t like Mohammed (SAW),We all muslims consider Jesus as massanger and Moh;d (SAW).Please dont say bad about our Prophet Moh’d…it hurt millions of Muslims…

  49. nawas - 30 Temmuz 2012

    please read quran ,hadiths and islamic stories..then you come to know that all prophets are given equal importance..but abraham,moses jesus pbut etc were time bound.with accepting them a man cannot be complete muslim..and stop writing bad about the persons who is followed and respected by a group..please study and find the truth…otherwise you will be a “LOSER”…

  50. nawas - 30 Temmuz 2012

    MISTAKE: without accepting them we cannot be complete muslim

  51. The most effective Web Design Company in Dubai - 27 Eylül 2012

    Unquestionably consider that which you stated. Your favorite justification appeared to be at the web the easiest factor to bear in mind of. I say to you, I definitely get irked at the same time as other folks think about issues that they plainly do not understand about. You managed to hit the nail upon the highest and also outlined out the whole thing without having side effect , people could take a signal. Will probably be again to get more. Thanks

  52. brettio - 11 Kasım 2012

    the only history worth a damn is the herstory we write today

  53. Edmond Avakian - 26 Kasım 2012

    I also read the last line and it does state ” by the year 1500 of Christ” word by word. So it is only five centuries old. It is most likely a property of Assyrians of Turkey. There is the word Amen enlarged next to the star of Ashoor(Assyria).

  54. Pinestrade - 22 Nisan 2013

    What is happening with you people if you are true Christian bear in mind that Jesus said love God with all your heart and love your neighbors even your enemy as you love yourself and to the Muslims you cannot be a complete muslim if you will not believe in Jesus and all the prophets and the reveled books of God. Be both civilize…. Thank You.

  55. just me - 01 Eylül 2013

    It is rather funny that people on here leave the matter of the said Syriac find and attack Islam and The Prophet. For us Muslims, we don’t need any ancient findings to believe that Muhammad is the seal of all Prophets and on his authority we belive and affirm the Prophethood of Jesus to the children of Israel. It is worth mentioning that, Muslims are the only people outside of Christianity who belief in Jesus! No other Faith recognises him! For people that have nothing but abuses for Islam and Muhammad, remember Jesus said every spirit that testify that Jesus is come is a good Spirit. Compare to the Jews who boasted that they killed him and painted him as an accursed of God. Before you open your mouth and say stuff that is unsavoury, please remember that. The Syriac Bible can as well be locked away forever, we don’t need that to know that Jesus is a Prophet sent to the Children of Israel and that he is not God, or Son of God or God Incarnate.

  56. Tarik - 06 Kasım 2013

    love thy neighbor as thyself

    is written in both books
    saying on is better then another go,s against religion

    we are all brothers and sisters
    koran teaches to believe in all prophets

    from the first to the last these holy men tried to teach and dedicated there lives

    yet we seek to become better them another
    Christians jews and muslims all
    believe in the one god

    it,s time to stop fighting and learn from each other imo

    may peace and understanding and wisdom by upon you all

  57. Tarik - 06 Kasım 2013

    i ask you is it smart to question the word of god ?

  58. DaneBajane - 12 Kasım 2013

    no history of jesus even exsists til like 200 years after his “death” I personally never thought he exsisted at all I feel like alot of this was a ruse to control the general population at that time. Same way how the world was thought to be flat we saw how wrong even the churches were about that lol

  59. John - 04 Aralık 2013

    Does Jesus have a brother?

  60. revealer - 04 Aralık 2013

    To all muslims deceived: Jehova, also pronounced Yahweh, the True God Almighty, revealed to men through the Bible, presented the Gift of Salvation through Jesus Christ, to everyone who believes in Him will not die, but pass from death to life. Any other so called “prophet” coming after Him, are false prophets and instruments of Satan. That’s right, you understand well, but you will not admit it because you are doomed, and by your own device and will.

  61. LINDA - 05 Aralık 2013


  62. amcken3 - 06 Aralık 2013

    I hope the b e a s t church I mean Vatican doesn’t get their hands on it. They perverted the Sabbath and everything else so God only knows what they would do to burry this copy.

  63. Joris - 06 Aralık 2013

    From an esoteric perspective Jesus “The Christ” was an initiate of The fourth grade (the highest you can attain in a physical body) and so the purest and closest to God/Allah. Gautama ‘the Buddha'(which means the enlightened one) was a third degree initiate while the prophet Muhammed was only a second degree initiate (although after his death he corrected his mistakes and was raisedtto a third initiate). All the rest are man-made religions who claim to be the ‘only true one’. So the truth is always moderate. I respect all Muslims and don’t demonise them but I hope that one day they may encounter the incredible love and mercy of the Christ. This is a mystical process and goes above all religious laws. Peace to all!

  64. April - 06 Aralık 2013

    And yet, they are holding the priceless relic open with an open paper clip…lol (lower right hand corner of book)

  65. bonniej - 07 Aralık 2013

    Amazing find. If it is found to be authentic it will actually be priceless.

  66. Suroyo - 09 Aralık 2013

    im shocked. im Aramean and hope, that this bible gonna belong his place. In a monastery or wherever.

  67. elias - 09 Aralık 2013

    the writing is the real thing
    if you want to i can write down in western letters, what is written there

  68. lambsev - 10 Aralık 2013

    I hope that the turkish people will realize how precious this book may be to those who believe their Bibles. I pray they will carefully photograph all of it and release those photos to the world.

  69. Azri'el - 10 Aralık 2013

    I find it interesting. Upon reading many of the comments here, this has done it’s job in stirring up faith, imaginations, hate, belief, and disbelief. I imagine it would make the vatican nervous. Just like the remnants of the letters of Kefa/Peter that are of the 1st century that are written in Aramaic also got the vatican nervous. What will be of interest is the testing of the materials used to find a rough age. As one asked if the materials used were available back then? Of course. Golden inks were used for thousands of years before the Messiah. So, once the materials used can be dated, then we can see what the text reads and do the comparison older texts of the similar languages. So, until then, all of the rest of these speculations are just that, speculations. Speculations that are fueled by whatever is motivating the writers. Be it faith, jealousy, hate, fear, etc. Emotions, that is all that I see written here, save a few who have a more scholarly interest. So, until it is tested and translated, shalom.

  70. Pepe Cabrera - 10 Aralık 2013

    The language of the Chaldeans.

  71. AnneG - 12 Aralık 2013

    It is Assyrian for sure. I can read it. Nothing to do with Islam!

  72. Beej - 13 Aralık 2013

    I really don’t think that The Vatican would be shocked because it KNOWS that Jesus spoke a local language there and that the earliest Christians were from this area!

  73. Peace on Earth - 13 Aralık 2013

    No matter what, every view of God seems to have somewhere where peace and caring are most important. To see people who are ‘ enlightened ‘ fight and attack over the very item that would say not to seems a contradiction to the very basis of their own religion and beliefs. I hope this bible’s only words that are legible encourage all to peace, goodwill and caring. :) Best wishes to all of you.

  74. Aharonium - 14 Aralık 2013

    Aramaic is also the language of the Babylonian Talmud, and studied daily by Jews.

  75. Bill S - 14 Aralık 2013

    The most important part of it is seeing how it compares to other old manuscript copies of books of the Bible. We already know from the Dead Sea Scrolls that the Bible is virtually unchanged since it was written.

  76. John W - 14 Aralık 2013

    Why is the dollar value so significant and why do you say the Vatican is in shock? What I want to know is the significance of this artifact in the history of the Bible.

  77. vatican - 14 Aralık 2013

    oh my god! shocked xoxo

  78. Sum Ting Wong - 14 Aralık 2013

    It doesn’t matter if muhammed is the last prophet. How I follow someone who murdered others, married a child and whose last dying words were “kill all of the infidels, Christians and Jews”?

    Thanks, but I’ll stick with Jesus, who taught peace, benevolence, patience and non violence. Hence why He said, “I am the way.” Only by following in His foot steps can one reach heaven.

  79. Babettes - 15 Aralık 2013

    It seems to me that the most learned persons of their times (the ones who could read and write), mostly men, were the contributors to the texts of the Bible.

    God gave them those capabilities but while they were among the most learned of their eras, they weren’t all necessarily the wisest; hence the myriad contradictions.

    Add to that the inevitable failures with translating from one language to another, where equivalent words may not even exist, and it seems wise to attempt to adopt only the broadest and wisest messages of any ancient text. Being old doesn’t necessarily make something right.

    We are all doing the best we can to understand the meaning and purpose of our lives.

    I hope we can allow people to find their own answers to that as long as we don’t harm one another in that pursuit.

  80. Jean V. - 15 Aralık 2013

    Forgery… The writing is much later than the VIth century… ANy student of Syriac can see it directly…

  81. Mel - 15 Aralık 2013

    What does it matter? All religions are base on fantasy as none have produced any evidence at all that there is any kind of a god. Please stop deluding yourselves and find something constructive to do instead.

  82. broleo44 - 16 Aralık 2013

    this discovery is no surprise considering that Byzantium in the east which was renamed Constantinople which was again renamed Istanbul of Turkey is also the seat of the syncretized Christianity propagated by Rome in the west and throughout the world

  83. Jose - 16 Aralık 2013

    @entreri… Brother, do not make enemies online, There is 7 billion people on earth and only 1 billion Muslims. However, 95% of the world’s problems right now comes from Islamic jihadist. The Muslims who do not agree with the terrorists are hypocrites because they are not doing anything to prevent it or at least not speaking up against those who are out to commit terrorists’ acts against others, including the killing of Muslims. They are out to kill anyone who is not them and they want to take all the land. We’re on to you Inshalla ASSHOLES!

  84. gertruida - 17 Aralık 2013

    YAHuah will revealed His secrets!!

  85. Katerina - 18 Aralık 2013

    Why are there paperclips all over this bible? Something that is 1,500 years old would be extremely fragile to be subjected to the pressure of paperclips. Besides, paperclips were not invented until 1867, just over 140 years ago. Something seems fishy.

  86. Tertembaknya Seorang Recidivis. - 20 Ocak 2014

    Kagak useh ngomong penjepit and meragukan segala dach.Entu yang jelas Bibel udeh diketemuin 1500 taun yll,asli alias original dach.Ngapain dibawa bawa ame penyeludup segala kalo kagak asli?
    Artinye kan memiliki nilai harge yang tinggi, iye kagak cuuy?

    Vatikan sampai shock segala dach jadinye dibuatin ame entu Bibel. Pasti palak mereka jadi cenat cenut.Syukurin. EGP
    Apa kata dunia?
    Cie cie ciyeee

  87. Abraxas - 17 Şubat 2014

    I’d like to read the translation. My guess is it’s probably a Gnostic text written after the Nicene council, but without more information this article is meaningless. The problem is, Christianity is a Roman invention written in Greek and stolen from Egyptian texts. Constantine destroyed all book before 325 CE when he invented the new religion. If we could get our hands on just a few of the books that were burned we’d have a lot of the missing pieces to christianty. As it is now, this religion is built on lies and deceptions, is guilty of the worse crimes against humanity in recorded history.

  88. Akinkunmi - 02 Nisan 2014

    I only want to see a verse in the Bible… John3:16.

  89. Malachi - 29 Nisan 2014

    It’s a late and pseudepigraphical work from around 1500, and the Vatican is definately not in awe. The gospel’s view of Jesus (meh) en Muhammad (wtf) is irrelevant.

  90. - 29 Nisan 2014

    just a thought, if it really was that old, surely there would be procedures in place such as hermatically sealed and temperature controlled rooms to stop the book from becoming exposed to air, and potentially destroying it, and don’t even get me started on the paperclips holding it !!!!

  91. Tom - 29 Nisan 2014

    Pages held open with a paper clip?!
    Come on!
    April Fools jokes are almost a month go.

  92. Stephen - 29 Nisan 2014

    The Excavators should be Deemed a Hero for Discovering this Treasure no matter how it was found and Yes, “The Truth Shall Set Us Free.”

  93. HH - 30 Nisan 2014

    The Vatican already knows.

  94. Bill Kratzer - 30 Nisan 2014

    what I find troubling is the initial confusion on dating the text. if in fact it was written in 1500 AD,then it is a little older than Columbus. if in fact it is 1500 years old, then it was written in 500 AD, who was even using that dating system yet? sadly it looks more like a movie prop constructed by modern man. call me jaded, but, comparative texts of comparable age just don’t look that pristine. Carbon dating is an acceptable means of material dating, however a good forger can collect proper materials to fool even a scientist. If copies were made, how may we the public view translations, or view the actual Syriac text,a Aramaic dialect to translate on our own ?
    This is a claim or true document that needs public, scientific, rational, and transparent investigative techniques applied.
    The very thought of having one’s faith shaken is terrifying.
    To correct a possible wrong perpetrated on Mankind this long is not to be done in secret.and must be allowed, hence the transparency…
    so links need posting,steps need documentation,and the Truth, however painful needs telling.
    I am proud of my Nazarene Faith. and I understand the beginnings of our Church. I also understand that liberties over time have been taken with the written text to further some agendas. But faith and lifestyle are most important to a good and meaningful life.

  95. lisa - 30 Nisan 2014

    don’t let the vatican touch it. they will have some accident with it, expertly alter it or something. DON’T trust them.

  96. cengiz - 30 Nisan 2014

    i would really like to know if this is genuine i wonder when tests will be done and what the results will be

  97. TheQuietAsslicker - 30 Nisan 2014

    So many people praising some false bullshit like God,Jesus and Allah. Open your eyes and realize you have all been fooled to believe that stuff was real. It is about as real as the Easter Bunny fucking a fairy.

  98. - 30 Nisan 2014

    from aasiya

  99. Jennifer - 01 Mayıs 2014

    if the vatican get this, it will be destroyed..pls don’t let them have them have it.

  100. muneshadowe - 01 Mayıs 2014

    All I am reading is a title and the lead of a story also this is being held to high reguard in a ialaimic nation.
    Carful to not be deceived

  101. sinner - 01 Mayıs 2014

    Just one of the devil’s work.To decieve the believers in this last days.

  102. FiberOptck - 03 Mayıs 2014

    Does no one get it about Christianity? It was a faith created to throw Rome and the great republic of Rome. Why do you think Romans tried to get rid of them?

  103. kidex - 03 Mayıs 2014

    It is Serbian-Illyrian Bible

  104. Tony Collier - 04 Mayıs 2014

    “Discovered and kept secret in the year 2000, the book contains the Gospel of Barnabas – a disciple of Christ – which shows that Jesus was not crucified, nor was he the son of God, but a Prophet. The book also calls Apostle Paul “The Impostor”. The book also claims that Jesus ascended to heaven alive, and that Judas Iscariot was crucified in his place.”

    The gospel of Barnabas isn’t in the bible for a good reason – it’s a fabrication. The Jesus described in the book of Barnabas is a cold, callus a-hole. He yells at everyone from the least to the greatest. He does not match the biblical Jesus at ALL! He’s much more like the Jesus found in the qu’ran. How convenient is it that the gospel of Barnabas claim that he was not crucified just as the qu’ran claims.

    The Holy Bible says that Jesus went up into the wilderness and was tempted by the devil before he began his ministry. The gospel of Barnabas says that Jesus had a visitation from the angel Gabriel before he began his ministry. Isn’t that the same angel that Muhammed claimed to have received the truth from? See the connection here? All it takes is a little investigation people!!!

    How can the gospel of Barnabas claim that Paul was an imposter when Peter says quite the opposite?

    “Bear in mind that our Lord’s patience means salvation, just as our dear brother Paul also wrote you with the wisdom that God gave him.” 2 Peter 3:15

    Peter calls Paul a brother and said that his wisdom came from GOD. This whole article and this “discovered bible” wreaks of Muslim doctrine and anyone who cares to investigate before condemning the Christian faith will recognize this. People aren’t looking for truth though – they’re only looking for lies to justify their hatred for Jesus Christ, the SON of the ONE TRUE GOD.

  105. jameys - 04 Mayıs 2014

    first thing, Muhammad (saw) never preached robbery. Those who say so have never read his hadith. About marrying a chil : it was a custom among arabs in those days for child marriage, and adlts would mary girls about 8-10 yrs, which was practised in india till 1940’s . Marriage never means molestation. Islam is the only religion which punishes rape along with marital rape. Muhammad’s last words were a prayer to humans of any religion and their salvation. Muslims are prohibited to say bad to jews or christians or their prophets. Islam promises heaven to a righteous jew or christian too.

    As for the modern terrorism, its solely political, terrorists recriut people in the name of religion, but fight for only political reasons.

    Any roghteous christian or jew should not out spoke with such malignance, all prophets, jesus, moses muhammad are known for their merciful natures.

  106. Yootha - 04 Mayıs 2014

    What’s NOT mentioned in this article (and why the Vatican is in shock) is that according to the text in this bible, Jesus was NOT crucified.

  107. Matt - 05 Mayıs 2014

    Sadly this is just all hype! Read on. After some Kurds offered to sell it to the Vatican, the Vatican engaged the help of Dr. Asaad Sauma (An expert in Classical Syriac, and a Doctor at Uppsala University in Stockholm) to inspect the book. An official request for the book was made but he was denied physical access to it, however in 2003 about 10 electronic photographs were sent to him. He concluded it was “much ado about nothing” (a quote) Other quotes: “It is not divine, nor worth study on its own” “phrases are placed together that make no sense” “Nothing in this book is a useful phrase” “Those who made it do not have a good knowledge of the Syriac language” etc.. etc.. in short he wasn’t impressed and rejected it as a fake – sheer nonsense written “to confuse the reader”
    A few days after the story broke in February 2012 he wrote an article explaining his views.

    Other scholarly evidences from examination are totally lacking. What we so know is that the sudden appearance of a collection of Syriac quotes and words remains to be put up for scrutiny by Philologists and/or the public.

    Disclaimer: I am a Christian whose faith is based on evidences, and analysis, and searching.

  108. Kasper Vestergaard - 05 Mayıs 2014

    Oh, how this would have actually mattered with a credible source. This is what’s called “a standalone publication”. No references, no sources, no nothing. Only reason anybody’s paying attention is that it’s published on a site that a lot of people visit. I’m afraid that doesn’t really count as legitimization in and of itself. As of now all other mentions of this book refers this article as the source. I believe that others would have wanted to verify the existence and context if it actually exist – And I’d LOVE this book to exist, but so far I don’t have any reason to believe it does :(
    Any help in finding alternative sources?

  109. Mandaid - 06 Mayıs 2014

    sooo paperclips for a book worth 3-4 million dollars?

  110. Jim Wiltsey - 06 Mayıs 2014

    How can you believe anything that was written 500 years after the death of jesus?

  111. Tim - 06 Mayıs 2014

    The article seems more interested in value than content.
    The content possibly being far more interesting than value, it seems a shame!!!!

  112. Garibaldi Tochar - 07 Mayıs 2014

    “Vatican in shock!” Actually, the Vatican and all of Christendom can hardly muster a passing yawn for this kind of recycled ‘news’, or the long discredited ‘Gospel’ of ‘Barnabas’. The beer-stained musical manuscripts of PDQ Bach discovered in trash dumps in North Dakota are much more worthy of credulity than is the G o B or these related farcical late-medieval mock-texts. Miss Molly!

  113. Charles - 07 Mayıs 2014

    God’s Not Dead.

  114. you need jesus - 09 Mayıs 2014

    now d muslim will no that jesus is lord.that muhammed never existed.jesus need you muslim convert.we will make sure that all the muslim around the world convert to christianity

  115. Benjamin - 10 Mayıs 2014

    a cute apocryphe… Nothing worse being trusted in, but, this one seems well conserved and of a good design…
    Origen (second century) said “Church has 4 gospel, heretics have plenty”
    More that what we may imagin ;)

  116. motivate this world - 16 Mayıs 2014

    A little research goes a long way: The first use of the pound being used as a unit of weight dates to the ottoman Empire with its dealings with Italy and Spain. Meaning that this was written more recently, of course. Alot of people are also confusing the date 1500 A.D. with 1500 years ago…which means it’s predicting the past, not the future lol! But it is an interesting hoax, that will easily fool people…..until a little research is done. My thoughts on the whole things is you can’t use what you believe to be a fable to disprove a “fable”. Especially if the the thing you use to disprove it also supports most of it. Get it?

  117. jeeves - 17 Mayıs 2014

    Perhaps this discovery is a good occasion to realize that none of the structured religions actually deliver what they have promised and have only kept us into fear. Thousands of years of religion have only made us go to war and fight each other. Time to experience it for your own and realize you don’t need a false mediator (=religion) to talk to God. So weather this is real or fake is of absolutely unimportant.

  118. zaz - 23 Mayıs 2014

    Why is it said that it is a bible?? So if a Christian script was written in Arabic would that make it part of ‘some lost Quran’? Most Muslim would reject any Christian scriptures no matter how old and authentic they may be and wouldn’t care if it was written in Arabic either so why should Christian loose their faith over this finding based on the fact that is is old and was written Aramaic?? This said 1500 AD so the accounts written on this are highly questionable as it was much after Jesus era!

  119. - 25 Mayıs 2014

    Read this!

  120. truthbetold - 25 Mayıs 2014

    After examining the text, the external and internal evidence, and after having discovered its medieval character and the obvious attempt to islamise this “Gospel”, we conclude that the Gospel of Barnabas was written by a Muslim to convince Christians of “the truth of Islam”. Instead of propagating Islam, he disguised the message and used the name of Barnabas to make his claims seem authentic. It is therefore, a forgery and a lie. It aims at destroying faith in the fundamentals of the Christian faith, including the atoning work of Christ on the cross. Christians disapprove for obvious reasons to such methods as forgery and lies.

    We are bewildered that serious Muslims can devise such a book and promote it on such flimsy grounds, knowing it is a lie. Even when it is tempting to be used and expedient, this approach must be rejected. We regard it as a feeble effort to disguise the truth. We conclude that only when at a loss for better arguments could a dishonest man resort to such methods.

  121. nina marrocco - 26 Mayıs 2014

    I wouldn’t let the Vile Demonic Vatican lay eyes on this Holy book!

  122. Alexis Klatt - 26 Mayıs 2014

    I wonder if it contains the tetragrammaton, God’s personal name?

  123. Abraym - 04 Haziran 2014

    you people are really dumb.
    what does this have to do with islam?! are you idiots? syriac is a dialect of aramaic!!! i am a Assyrian and WE are NOT muslim but CHRISTIANS so stop claiming that this have something to do with the islam.
    its a old BIBLE dont you understand?!

  124. Chaldean - 04 Haziran 2014

    first of all this BIBLE don’t belong to the turkish people but for the eastern Assyrians.
    but they wont give it because they are a Evil country that hates Assyrians {Christians} (look what they have done to us in WW2). and i realy Don’t believe that there would be a Fake gospel of Barnabas in it.
    im a assyrian so i know what im saying. i’m from orgin a full blood eastern assyrian. (My parents are from turky)

    2 Corinthians:

    “11:4 For if he who comes preaches another Jesus, whom we did not preach, or if you receive a different spirit, which you did not receive, or a different “good news”

    11:13 For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as Christ’s apostles. 11:14 And no wonder, for even Satan masquerades as an angel of light. 11:15 It is no great thing therefore if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.”

    8:32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.

  125. :|D - 02 Ağustos 2014

    Jesus answered: “Don’t you know me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, ‘Show us the Father’? 10 Don’t you believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me? The words I say to you I do not speak on my own authority. Rather, it is the Father, living in me, who is doing his work. 11 Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the evidence of the works themselves. 12 Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. 13 And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.

  126. soultana - 07 Ağustos 2014

    The true fath is not Islam!
    God is the Judge! he is the one we all waiting for to be judged at the end! Not the Islamist who order to cut your hands, your vigina, and to stone you to death! You Muslims may not drink alcohol but your islamists made you drunk with their fanatism of islamism. I see great eveil in Islamism. You come to my country for better life and you telling me, I came to invade you, to kill you, to burn your flag, to rape you, and is that Godly actions from islamist? i don’t think so. That image who apeared to mohamed had foam coming out of his mouth! is that sent from God? NO! that image sent directly from the evil one.
    I see nothing but hostile in your religion.

  127. Dr. Sachidanand Das - 21 Ağustos 2014

    First and foremost thing to do is to ascertain if the version of the Bible under discussion is authentic or fake and who authored it. Exact dating of the manuscript is also equally important.

  128. zavio - 02 Ekim 2014

    Ok people lets use logic i believe jesus is the son of god. So am i and you. He said that. Now is he god no no no. Thiers a commandment about that right ok yes. So one god. Many sons and daughters. Jesus is a prophet and human. One of the most special person. Lots of you are saying im crazy. They said it about jesus too. Watch this. Can the devile temp god. Noooo right. So if jesus was god in flesh dont you think the devile knows that. Would he wast his time temp jesus or god in the desert.

  129. demetre - 08 Ekim 2014

    Jesus was crucified and he was not God in the flesh Jesus died for us so our sins would be forgiven.and the Bible says any man that sees my face before my coming will shorely die.and we will never know the other half of the Bible because there are people taking and adding to the Bible.

  130. marina gabitashvili - 15 Ekim 2014

    If “Jesus was not the son of God, but a Prophet”, (as book claims) how then “Jesus-a prophet(human) ascended to heaven alive” (according to the same book? ? ? Ha ha ha

  131. Soly capeluto - 19 Ekim 2014

    at last at last they will prove that jesus was no son of god only a profet and was not killed in any cross

  132. enzo - 25 Ekim 2014

    Ditemi come fa una persona in questo caso gesu. Come a fatto a salire in cielo vivo quando questo discepolo dichiara che non e figlio di dio.sapete qualcunaltro che e salito in cielo vivo.

  133. Peter Clatworthy - 28 Ekim 2014

    A prophet? oho has been contacted by a supernatural entity and who speaks on its behalf? Prophets (or as we know them today … Schizophrenic … need medical treatment, not adoration.

  134. sincerely distracted - 29 Ekim 2014

    So you believe a bunch of fables… but disapprove with a potential fable that supposedly is a part of your fable but disproves your fable. Im so glad thats cleared up… people always claim to have had supernatural experienced and are immidiately discredited and tossed aside as crazy… claim abduction from aliens and are disposed of as conspiracy theorists. But yet you believe the Bible because its imprinted upon ur DNA… lol. If God descended upon this earth in any other form than white jesus…you all would be up in arms ready to kill. Stupid idiots…all of u

  135. Penelope - 29 Ekim 2014

    It’s one of satan”s work ..His time his short so his trying to deceive even the chosen once don’t be fooled into this false discovery.

  136. Mami - 30 Ekim 2014

    So sad.. one thing about Islam is that it teaches us to to love all of God messengers, and prophets. Never do Islam degrade Esa.(Jesus) We must know and honor the new and old testament as well. Christians are suppose to be loving “Christ like” but hates Muslims beliefs. Stop making assumptions on something you don’t know. Pick up a Quran and maybe you can see. Better yet stop quoting what you hear on tv from others and read the Bible yourselves. Clearly Jesus never encouraged being praised and referred to himself as the Son of Man. Clearly stated he has to go so he (prophet Muhammad(saw) can come.
    For GOD is a jealous GOD. Put no one in comparison to him. No one… we all will
    Answer come day of RESURRECTION!!

  137. Sam - 01 Kasım 2014

    It’s a fake. It’s written in modern Assyrian which is, at most, a couple of hundred years old. In addition it refers to the bible as the ‘book’. The bible is never called a ‘book’. It’s either ghdata (new testament) or owrehta (old testament). Never ‘book’. Plus, and I’m most astounded by this oversight, the text dates this book to the year 1500. Not that it’s 1500 years old.

  138. Virtus - 01 Kasım 2014

    People have come up with a clever way to make money. How come?????

  139. gulam - 06 Aralık 2014

    Hey guys lets not fight. Allah is giving oppurtunity to all christians to come to right path. Its up to you to take it or not. Jesus (esa) was a prophet and surely not a god which is well know he had that magical powers and hence people believed him to be God. Soultana lt me tell u something. Dont say that muslims are rapists and terrorists. I have a question who do you think the americans are . very good people? see what they have done to iraq people and afganisthan people. first try to clean the dust on u and then question others

  140. Robin - 10 Aralık 2014

    Will we really ever know the truth while we are here in this world? No. You can’t go by what some book, bible, or any other “item” states, they were written by a human being. Stop worrying about what these mere words are saying and go with your heart. Somewhere inside all of us we all know the real truth, access that truth through your heart. Just stop the fighting, you sound like children. Nobody has proof yet of any kind . Stop killing each other, stop the hatred. In the end, if there is something there waiting for us at least we can say we did our best to be “God like” or if there is nothing there for us at least we made our short time on this planet a happy and peaceful one.
    Yes, I believe there is a “God” of some sort, in some form. But I go with what I feel in my heart and no church or religion can change that. I don’t believe I need to go to church to be the person I feel I’m supposed to be. They are just as corrupt as our government. Take this time that you have left here and just be happy and peaceful. Appreciate life for once, stop worrying about all this crap. Aren’t you worth being happy for? Absolutely!

  141. Inge - 20 Aralık 2014

    It’s Satan’s Bible, trying to confuse all Christians. If Jesus hadn’t died on the Cross, all of us Christians would be Lost. Jesus died for our Sins, and ONLY through Him will WE be ABLE to get to Heaven. Jesus said”‘ I’m the way, the Truth and the Light, no one cometh to the Father, but by Me ” . Don’t be deceived by this new / old found whatever, but stay strong in the Lord. Satan is trying in these last days, to get as many people as possible to fall, and they are falling. This so called new Bible shouldn’t even be question or talked about. Stay strong in the Word of our mighty God. Amen

  142. Mona - 01 Ocak 2015

    La illaha illa Allah
    Muhammad rasool Allah (SAW)

  143. thinker - 06 Ocak 2015

    Everybody commenting on this just need to repect it as is. I have no religon and do not mean to offend anyone on here. But when you speak of another religon in hatred toward it is pure ignorance. I understand that this contradicts what some other religons say but that does not mean thats it is right to discredit the information givin. That is your pride in blind faith closing your mind to a possibility. Think about it….

  144. sarah - 06 Ocak 2015

    Whatever excuses either side can muster up is completely irrelevant to each individual’s well being. Religion is a versatile tool, but so is the commitment to living without religion. Every person I’ve met in my life wants world peace, yet not a single one of them can let go of their personal dispositions in order to achieve such greatness. It’d be nice if we could stop feeding our hypocritical nature and actually work towards the great cause we all idealize about. Don’t act like your religious beliefs–or lack thereof–express the desire for humanity to unite for the betterment of our own fucking race.

  145. Arianna - 10 Ocak 2015

    Okay first off it’s wrong to judge people right but all yall Christians do is judge all this other religions that worship God in a different way. At the end of the day what does it matter how they do cause yall are all praying to the same God. But yet yall don’t see that yall rather sit their and judge how other people worship him

  146. Charlie - 12 Ocak 2015

    This is for Jamsey…..You say that Islam punishes rape. That is hogwash! If a woman is raped, according to Sharia Law she has to have 4 MALE witnesses to the rape. If she doesn’t then it’s thrown out.

  147. Charlie - 13 Ocak 2015

    Also, if this is such a “relic” then why is there a paperclip on it. You would NEVER put a paperclip on such an old and important document. I find it funny how that this suddenly shows up and becomes news when Islamic are trying to push their religion on everyone. Either you convert or you die (is how they are trying to convert people; again through acts of violence instead of love, peace and understanding. How convenient!

  148. Charlie - 13 Ocak 2015

    Nina Marrocco: you wouldn’t let the Vatican lay eyes on it? Why? Because it will be confirmed that it is a fake and a ploy to try and push Islam on people. A sad attempt to sway people. I guess when you can’t come up with a logical way of speaking and having people understand, you resort to lies and fabrications. This so called “discovery” is a blatant lie, forgery and should be considered a sin.

  149. eman - 14 Ocak 2015


  150. elbastid - 19 Ocak 2015

    Jesus was just a man your ancestors style the story of heru out of the pyramids!

    It’s nothing original about the so called European you steal everything! Jesus the soon if God and god OXYMORON!

  151. john - 23 Ocak 2015

    So this is the end of christianity? I will become muslim.

  152. James Griffith jr - 04 Şubat 2015

    Why can’t the people decide what’s real and what’s not. I’m not a puppet to be told what to believe.

  153. Umar - 05 Şubat 2015

    My dear brothers…There’s not even an iota of a difference between the teachings of Muhammad (pbuh) and Jesus (pbuh) ..they both preached the same message; Islam (i. e: Submission to One true God)..Jesus even said to his 13 Aramaic (it’s in the Bible..) “Alteeth khaloon heefe munahmad bi huda kashta bi Alah” (which is translated in English”Ye should not despair..”the comforter” will come..who comes from God”) …Note the word Mun-ahmad (from the Syriac root “HMD” meaning praise..Muhammad ..means PRAISEWORTHY. ..AHMAD is his heavenly name even mentioned in the Quran..meaning “TO BE PRAISED”) also..note Jesus (Easa) Calling the almighty God as “Allah” as Arabic and Hebrew/Arabic are sister languages and Ilah or Ela or Alah is same as Allah in Arabic. I invite you all to the religion of peace and truth. ..the Religion of Adam. .Noah. .Abraham ..David..Moses..Aaron. .Zachariah. .Mary (Maryam) ..Jesus..John (his cousin..also known as yahya) and Muhammad (the Final messenger of Almighty God) who was sent with the final testament -The Glorious Quran.. (The only religious text…unchanged from the day of its revelation till date) ..May peace be upon all the noble messengers of Almighty God..I mentioned and peace be with you. :)

  154. John Roberson - 05 Şubat 2015

    It called Faith.. This is the problem with the Christian community today, just because you go to church every sunday, read the Bible every day, pray every night, or call you’re self a Christian just because you believe don’t make you a Christian, without faith all this is nothing to god. The relationship between you and god revolves around Faith and without it their is nothing………

  155. Lauren - 06 Şubat 2015

    This is what the devil wants. He wants all religions, faiths and beliefs questioned. He wants us away from GOD the father almighty. He wants us all to fight about whose religion is better.

  156. artless - 06 Şubat 2015

    umar displays once again the extreme arrogance and disrespect toward other religions which is prevalent in islam and results in delusions of superiority over all others.

  157. extroitive - 13 Şubat 2015

    The Gospel of Barnabas is no secret its been around a long time no shock to anyone but teh Turks

  158. sandy - 14 Şubat 2015

    It would be great if the Vatican would stop hand picking what goes in the bible and put all the chapters in!!

  159. Daren - 16 Şubat 2015

    I’ve been studying religions for years now…In depth…and cross examine every single thing I come across. I do not accept things until I have factually come to a conclusion .

    It was in this search that I learned of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Their belief about Jesus is unique even amongst the Muslims. They believe Jesus survived the crucifixion and then later traveled to India to complete his missions of retrieving the lost tribes of Israel. Read the book ‘Jesus in India’. It not only biblically verifies this belief, but through various historical accounts.

    The truth is for those willing to accept it.

  160. maya - 04 Mart 2015

    I looked on goggle how much it cost and it was 28million

  161. dave - 05 Mart 2015

    Ya thats right the devil made that bible to trick people. Science is the devil to because it proves the bible wrong.

    Damm how give a flying f what anyone says
    If pepeople wont to have faith in some go let them.

  162. Mil - 06 Mart 2015

    Didn’t you all know that also you are prophets (now writing) ? Indirect and direct prophets weather ots Jesus ( the one who choosed to come in flesh with full conscience) and others like Mohammed or all that we dont know about ( covered up by mighty chirch leaders) humans need to understand there are not such thing as seperate religion or religion. All ( ALL- Allah- Alah , I that Am, All there is, GOD) meaning WE ALL ARE ONE!! There is only 1 devided in segments in the universe to experience life.. All comes back to 1 or origin or circle.. Jesus is Mohamed is Me is You is We is God is Us is One! For ever and ever. And discussing it forms a part if the creation concept Who Am I. Well I is I. We all r one there is no : better than.. No scripts to make you ” know” ! The real scriptures on truth are ingraved in your heart. Be silent amd you will “feel/know the thruth. We all prophets of truth and untruth.. ( ying yang, positive negative, good bad, angels and devils. Scriptures bible quran books treats forums internet media social media all there to remind you Who you really are! Peace to All!

  163. Buondaw - 10 Mart 2015

    Lets all put our emotions aside and do an objective research in to this discovery and come out with a logical conclusion as to which religion to declare your faith to. People stereotype various religions without careful study into their scriptures. Now you find yourself on the cross road. Whom do you ask? I think you should find out from those who have knowledge and are also honest.

  164. notyetenlightend - 12 Mart 2015

    to mil,

    your comment on 6 march is exactly what i feel religion should be about

    my wish for us all,every living thinking being in God’s (The One) creation is to stop religious fighting and to start loving,caring about each other as God want us to though i think it will prove much harder to do than any fighting but the rewards will be much more harmonic for everybody and everything

    all negative energies will disapate and the world could be as it should have been,without war the world would have no other option than co-operation world wide,looking after the earth and all of its creatures

  165. errin - 15 Mart 2015

    This has blown my mind!!!

  166. Brock - 17 Mart 2015

    The book states that Muhammad would come 700 years after Jesus and create Islam therefor it would kind of be foolish to convert

  167. Rafiq - 19 Mart 2015

    I have to say I don’t know if Buondaw is a muslim or not but what he is saying is what Islam teaches humanity to do. Surah 16 ayat 43. And We sent not (as Our Messengers) before you (O Muhammad ) any but men, whom We inspired, (to preach and invite mankind to believe in the Oneness of Allah). So ask of those who know the Scripture [learned men of the Taurat (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel)], if you know not.
    44. With clear signs and Books (We sent the Messengers). And We have also sent down unto you (O Muhammad ) the reminder and the advice (the Qur’an), that you may explain clearly to men what is sent down to th

  168. Rafiq - 19 Mart 2015

    them, and that they may give thought.

  169. Tony - 20 Mart 2015

    List of Catholic Stigmatists Saints and links:

    Firstly, we need to understand that it is not written by Barnabas just like the Epistles and Gospels. They are written by someone using their names.
    The writer of this book could have a dagger on Christianity. Based on the time frame. .if this time is cofirmed so
    Secondly the saints below possess the exact signs of Jesus’ cruxifixion…and these have had independent scientfic research done to rid off fakes. ..How do we explain? Even science has not and cannot.

    Saint Francis of Assisi
    Saint Padre Pio
    Saint Gemma GalganI
    Saint Veronica Giuliani
    Saint Rita of Cascia
    Saint Catherine of Siena
    Saint Faustina Kowalsk
    Blessed Dina Belanger

  170. Deb - 24 Mart 2015

    What a wonderful treasure, I can’t wait to hear translations from this book once it authenticated.

  171. Ameen - 24 Mart 2015

    Well written Umar!!!

  172. matthew g murray - 30 Mart 2015

    My name matthew i was born with a witherd hand i have the baby pic to prove it about how my hand was when i was born Stufff is real I hear thoughts and results. I’ve been though a rough time with this mind phyic stuff been annoyed calling me names thought wise my skin moved by its self I’ve smelt smells without the smell even being around in my room my lip cut open by itself for no reason and I’ve had a heart attack at age 22 I’m 24 now atleast what I’m going by on my birth certificate the bible exist because heal cleanes works even eye heal works I’ve recieved a eye heal bible is real I’m a Baptist Christian.

  173. Ye - 04 Nisan 2015

    Lol why do people think this book is the gospel of Barnabas? The two are different. The Gospel was written in spanish and italian. This book is in Aramaic. The Gospel was from the middle age. This book is 1500-2000 years old! Also the Gospel of Barnabas is well known to be false among Muslims and christians because it says Muhammad is the Messiah not Jesus which is the other way around in Islam. BUT this book doesn’t say so. In my opinion I think a religion must be perfect, free from doubts, and just direct and logical. Unfortunately christianity has none of the above but Islam does have them all.

  174. phairembam david - 14 Nisan 2015

    It might be written by some pigs, to divert people. Actually, they r afraid that their religion might be disappeared. Moreover, their religion is fading day by day….

  175. David - 29 Nisan 2015

    I don’t think that the police are reputable authorities on the matter of ascertaining age of historical documents. Hence, any implications that this article makes as to the possibility of this being a bible from 1500+ years ago are unconvincing. The logical fallacy used here is called “appeal to a questionable authority.”

  176. zain - 01 Mayıs 2015

    Prophet Isa Peace be upon him was not crucified. That was a lie in a testament. Prophet Isa shall make a comeback.

  177. Danie - 02 Mayıs 2015

    Utterly fantastic to find a piece of the past….Theology is great for those who dedicate their lives to teaching the subject in whatever religion in a proper way….”No fanaticism”…..It’s about how every person lives their lives on a daily basis according to their beliefs that would make a difference in this present world of we now live…

  178. Afroze - 29 Haziran 2015

    Is there any possibility that we will receive the translation of this book. Im interested much to learn what has been told.

  179. Eric - 29 Haziran 2015

    Muhammad was a satanic, murderer, rapist, and pedophile in no way shape or form was he anywhere close to Jesus or God…

  180. Petrafjord - 05 Temmuz 2015

    One does not need to be exceptionally bright to understand that all mythologies of the present time had their origins in a past long before the Levant, and Mesopotamia etc. had begun to go to sleep on their own and deny the reality of their true evolving origins greater than 200,000 years ago.

  181. Njirud - 16 Ağustos 2015

    i totally dont concur with this new revelation..its clear whoever wrote this had a negative feeling on christianity and whether it is barnabas or the devil himself who wrote this sh*t it does not make any sense…it is clearly stated in the holy scriptures that JESUS(the son of the most high God) was crucified, died, rose on the 3rd day ànd is sitted at the right hand of God and will one day come back to pick those who will hearken to His message.

  182. ashley - 29 Ağustos 2015

    I for one can not wait to learn more about this and see what it and bring people. I think if it is real it could help people out tremendously!! It could also probably shed some light for ppl who have trouble believing or who question other faiths.

  183. Dawn - 06 Eylül 2015

    OR, it’s from the year 1500, as other reports say. It even said so on the cover it’s been reported. Guess we’ll find out…or not…the only thing you need more faith believing in than the Bible, is the media.

  184. Erica - 15 Ekim 2015

    People believe anything this was all made up lmao good luck

  185. Robina - 18 Ekim 2015

    They should question ancestry, as Jesus’ father wasn’t, as I believe, a poor man named joseph, as my ancestry has revealed, his father was marcomir Benjamin joseph franks, my 62nd grandfather, if ancestry sites are to be believed

  186. Shabnam valimahomed - 08 Kasım 2015

    On the day of ressurection , if you believe, all of mankind will gather to account for their good or bad actions. God is very just and wants every single person to go to heaven , this discovery of the bible is to turn some very religious misled people to the truth before the end of time as he does not want his creation to say , but I did not know the truth. i was made to believe in a different message.please do not follow anything blindly . THE TRUTH SPEAKS FOR IT’S SELF… May the truth prevail

  187. Shabnam valimahomed - 08 Kasım 2015

    On the day of ressurection , if you believe, all of mankind will gather to account for their good or bad actions. God is very just and wants every single person to go to heaven , this discovery of the bible is to turn some very religious misled people to the truth before the end of time as god almighty ,does not want his creation to say , but I did not know the truth. i was made to believe in a different message.please do not follow anything blindly . THE TRUTH SPEAKS FOR IT’S SELF… May the truth prevail ..

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