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Ajax Az Alkmaar game abandoned after Ajax fan attacked and got beat up by AZ goalie
22 Aralık, 2011 | 11:53
Az Alkmaar Goalkeeper Esteban kicking the ball...of his attacker

Az Alkmaar Goalkeeper Esteban kicking the ball...of his attacker, a lunatic Ajax hooligan

Ajax AZ Alkmaar game was abandoned after a lunatic invaded the pitch and attacked AZ Alkmaar goalie Esteban. The Ajax fan! got beat up by Esteban, AZ Almaar called his players off the pitch, game abandoned as a result.

Amsterdam / NationalTurk – Wednesday’s Dutch Cup clash Ajax vs AZ Alkmaar  was overshadowed by an ugly intruder at the Amsterdam Arena, that invaded the pitch, attacked AZ Almaar goalkeeper and got beat up badly. The Costa Rican goalkeeper lost his temper as a normal result of the assault by the Ajax hooligan at the 37th minute and responded by kicking the fan to the ground and several times on the ground, security leading the intruder from the pitch.

The controversy had gained another level, though, with match referee Bas Nijhuis sending off the 22-year-old with a red card, which prompted a furious reaction on the AZ bench and from the assaulted goalie Esteban himself.

Ajax Az Alkmaar Game Abandoned due to a intruder and Az’s calling off its players

The game was forced to abandonment as Az Alkmaar manager Gertjan Verbeek responded by calling his players from the field, with them subsequently leaving the ground and forcing Nijhuis to abandon the game.

“Our players did not feel safe on the field,” AZ technical director Earnest Stewart declared. “We took a shower and returned home. We wanted to get inside to take a rest, but when it became clear that the players no longer wanted to continue. This does not belong in football and then we also get a red card. Now it’s wait and see what the KNVB ( Holland Football Federation) does.”

Stewart and Esteban’s reaction were supported by AZ’s general manager Toon Gerbrands, who stated: “In my eyes, what Esteban did was a response action. I hope for leniency from the KNVB because it was frightening.”

The KNVB released a quick response on its official website. “The cup match Ajax-AZ Alkmaar stopped in the 36th minute,” a statement announced. “This occurred following an incident on the playing field. The case is submitted to the prosecutor of football. He will see if there is guilt and report his findings.

Now there are three options: The game will be completed, the game will be replayed, or the respective position is regarded as the final score.” The punishments to Ajax, AZ Alkmaar clubs and red card sent off AZ goalkeeper Esteban are considered to be heavy. The lunatic intruder surely will lose more than his pride after he got beat up after attacking an athlete, who is fit and training everyday.

Ajax Az Alkmaar Goalkeeper Attacked Video

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  1. Frost - 22 Aralık 2011

    When this happend in a match Denmark-Sweden in Copenhagen Denmark lost 3-0. Ajax should loos his match 3-0 as well
    Fifa much make rolls for this

  2. kekes - 24 Aralık 2011

    I applaud d keeper in this case cause look at what happened to Monica Seles some years ago while she was on the court. A fan rushed on d court and stabbed her on her shoulder and she being ranked number 1 in d world at that time couldn’t come back in d game because it was a life threatening injury plus she was mentally not ready to go back on d courts. The goalkeeper didn’t know if this lunatic had a weapon so of course he was right to buss that lunatic ass>

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