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BBC Journalists Strike over firings again
02 Ağustos, 2011 | 10:36
BBC Job Cuts Conduce Strikes

BBC Job Cuts Conduce Strikes

For the second time in the last two weeks, journalists of the BBC network England resumed their strike to demonstrate against job cuts and firings announced by BBC.

The 24-hour strike was called by the National Union of Journalists after failed attempts to negotiate an agreement with the management of the British Broadcasting Corporation in England.

BBC Job Cuts Conduce Strikes

The journalists staged a previous one-day strike on July 15.

The BBC plans to fire at least 387 workers from the world service and monitoring departments, the latter responsible for following the world media in foreign languages.

BBC News Department Downsized

The restructuring of departments was part of a government decision to cut 307 million euros from BBC news foreign service funds.

The union state the cuts would be calamitous for the quality of journalism and for democracy in England.


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