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Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy pictures in Fur Baby Sling
30 Mart, 2012 | 15:38
Beyonce kept her baby Blue Ivy Carter covered up against NYC cold

Beyonce kept her baby Blue Ivy Carter covered up against NYC cold

Beyonce baby swaddled by Beyonce in a Fur Baby Sling pictured in New York nearly 3 months after Beyonce gave birth to her Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy Carter.

New York / NationalTurk – Beyonce and Baby Blue Ivy were all smiles when the mother and baby daughter stepped out in New York City to run errands.

Beyonce with Baby Blue Ivy in fur baby sling showed off her lean legs in green skinny jeans and hip yellow heels.

Beyonce Baby is beautiful and magnetic sayz Solange Knowles, Beyonce Baby’ s aunt

Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy, now 11 weeks, was dressed to the heavens as well. Swaddled in a luxe fur baby sling, which probably cost the annual salary of an rich Ugandan, Beyonce and Jay-Z’s infant baby daughter, Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy Carter, was securely wrapped up against her mom in the unseasonably chilly March New York weather. If the fur is real or faux nobody knows.

Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy’s proud aunt, Solange Knowles, describes her first niece as ‘ beautiful ‘ and ‘ magnetic ‘ in a new interview with British fashion magazine Rollacoaster.

Beyonce Baby and Beyonce’s chic maternity style pictures

The ‘Love on Top’ singer Beyonce is still rocking the azure manicure that pays homage to her first-born daughter.Yesterday Beyonce took her little Beyonce Baby one out for a stroll in a glamorous grey fur hoodie that also doubled as baby sling.

‘But thursday saw the 30-year-old Beyonce opted for a more traditional baby blanket to wrap up baby daughter Blue Ivy in New York City. The new mother of 3 months old Baby Blue Ivy was seen carrying her newborn baby daughter in a big white knitted comforter.

Beyonce kept her baby Blue Ivy Carter covered up against NYC cold

The -ebony but favourite of ivory- beautiful singer, Beyonce looked gorgeous in a functional grey cardigan and trendy wet-look leggings. Baby blue’s mother Beyonce paired the look with some super cool hipster grey sunglasses and some grungy lace-up boots. She covered her nearly three-month-Beyonce Baby up to protect the baby daughter Blue as she was escorted by a big burly bodyguard. Only Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy’s tiny little leg was visible beneath her cover-up. Beyonce carried baby Blue in this fluffy baby sling in New York from place to place.


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  1. tyeisha terrell - 30 Mart 2012

    wtf omg she expect me to believe dat

  2. YVONNE WILLIAMS - 31 Mart 2012


  3. cortney - 31 Mart 2012

    i dont think ya shold be worrying if she carried the baby or not beyonce is trying her best at least she got her baby cut her some slack.

  4. GREGORY BROWN - 05 Nisan 2012

    your cute nice baby

  5. GREGORY BROWN - 05 Nisan 2012

    tell jay zee i said whats

  6. porcha atkins - 05 Nisan 2012

    OMG she had the baby she is so cut.

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