Whoa! Beyonce bestows husband Jay-Z $ 50 mil private jet plane , nellie !!

Beyonce buys husband and father of Beyonce Baby Jay-Z a private jet plane. Jay-Z was given a flying present for his first Father’s Day from Beyonce and Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy !

Beyonce buys Jay Z Father's day gift

Look at this beautiful face ..Beyonce buys Jay Z Father's day gift

Beyonce Knowles buys husband and father of Beyonce Baby Jay-Z a private jet plane. Jay-Z was given a flying present for his first Father’s Day from Beyonce and Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy !

Singer and mother of Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy Beyonce Knowles has given a 25-million-pound private jet plane , a Bombardier Challenger 850, as gift it to her husband and father of Blue Ivy Jay-Z on his firts Father’s Day previous sunday.

Most fathers get a wallet, barbeque utensil, tools or cologne for Father’s Day, but not when you’re Jay-Z. It is reported that Beyoncé wanted show Jay-Z ‘ World’s Greatest Dad ‘ being the father of Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy her appreciation by bestowing him a super luxury private jet!

‘ Beyonce thought this would be the perfect way to show Jay-Z how much of a great dad he is. The private jet has a flash interior, including a cream leather living room, a kitchen, a bedroom and two bathrooms, the couple will produce many Beyonce Babies in this airplane, lol ‘ a source close to Beyonce, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy family spoke to dailystar.co.uk.

Beyonce Baby mother Beyonce buys a private plane to Beyonce Baby father Jay-Z as Father’s Day gift

‘ Beyonce decided to buy a larger private jet plane which can be crowded up to 15 people so that they could take trips across the globe with their extended family,’ added the source.

The Bombardier Challenger 850, Beyonce Knowles has bought, can hold up to 15 passengers, has a living room, kitchen, bedroom and two full bathrooms, all equaling out to a smooth $40 million. That’s nothing for Beyonce.

American celebreties are reported to rush to private jet handlers to top Beyonce ‘s second present to Jay-z after Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy. However this one could be tough to top next Father’s Day.

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  1. 1Godfearingwoman June 21, 2012, 6:03 pm

    Thats right beyonce. Let your man know how happy you are and proud of him. Because I know by the way that Jay-z treats you that he shows you how happy he is to have you and Blue. God bless and I would do the same for my husband as well. Take Care remember keep the Lord first and stay humble and theres no limit to what you can do. 1Godfearingwoman.

  2. 50 million would of made a lot of fathers around the third world happy as the might not see their children starve to death.makes you sick

  3. awe what a cute couple they are he is grabbing her cheeks as if to say oh look at this beautiful face

  4. Life is good if I had it I wood to can’t save the world if u gave it all a way it still be honger an u hongrey to … Live ….lafe……love. Just do right u no it wen u c it

  5. Let a player hold something I need to get my truck fixed $6G have not becouse we ask not u never n



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