Chavez returns Venezuela, home, slams death rumors / Hugo Chavez News

After 11 days of cancer treatment in Cuba, Chavez is back in Venezuela.Hugo Chavez News

After 11 days of cancer treatment in Cuba, Chavez is back in Venezuela.Hugo Chavez News

Havana / NationalTurk – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has returned Venezuela after latest round of cancer treatment in Havana, Cuba.

‘ Already on the plane! All of us very happy because we are heading back to our beloved Venezuela!” Hugo Chavez wrote on his official Twitter account.

Chavez traveled to Cuba on April 14 for radiation therapy treatment, he gets for a while now in Havana. The Venezuelan leader began radiation treatment in Cuba in late March after an operation in February that removed a second tumor from his pelvic region. The first tumor was taken out in an operation last June.

Hugo Chavez is battling cancer and was in Cuba to undergo treatment. He has been to Havana several times in recent weeks and months to see doctors.

Hugo Chavez not dead, the only lifeless thing in Venezuela is Cabello says Chavez ally

On Monday, Chavez ended a more than week-long silence, taking to the airwaves to refute rumors of his death caused by his cancer treatment.

‘ Rumors sometimes hurt. Look at my poor mother. … Yesterday, I returned her call. I called my mother because she was so was nervous, and truthfully, you could feel it in her voice — her voice broken,” Chavez said in a broadcast by state-run VTV.

‘Some people would like to see me leave here sprinting … not yet, let me recover. I have to rest and look after my diet, the treatment and the hours I keep,’ Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez said. ‘These rumors sometimes are damaging.’

Hugo Chavez’s political ally and president of the National Assembly legislature Diosdado Cabello accused the Venezuealan opposition of having a ‘ morbid obsession ‘ with the Venezuelan president Chavez ‘s health.

‘ The only thing that is lifeless here is that loser,’ Cabello added and mocked on Twitter, referring to Capriles, the opposition’s best hope for bringing Chavez’s 13 years in power to an end.

Faithful readers all around the globe condemned ‘ elite ‘ news agencies like Reuters for having reported Chavez death news based solely on rumors and simple gossips.


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