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Debenhams lingerie collection inspired by Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese Von Follies collection pictures / UK Fashion News
23 Kasım, 2012 | 16:54

Dita Von Teese is a boudoir bombshell as she poses in a photoshoot for her own range of lingerie.

The burlesque star’s Von Follies new vintage-inspired underwear collection landed in Debenhams stores and online today.

Dita’s glamorous collection is expected to be a Christmas bestseller for the store and has already proved a success in Australia, with other global launches in the works.

The dancer has designed a seductive collection of bustiers, ornate balcony bras, fitted chemises, high-waist briefs and garter belts.

Featuring elements of her signature style, Dita created pieces with intricate fishnet detailing and luxurious lace and satin finishes, key features that echo decades past.

Vintage-inspired colours also appear in the Von Follies line. It’s based around opulent shades of red, nude and black, giving the range a luxury boudoir feel.

“I wanted to create pieces that enhance the feminine silhouette and make each woman who wears my range feel sexy and glamorous,” revealed Dita. “Each piece is homage to femininity and a reflection of my love of vintage glamour.”

Von Follies bra sizes range from an A-cup to E-cup, and briefs up to size 20, priced from £16 for briefs and £30 for bras. Dita hopes the range will appeal to a wide variety of women.

“It’s important to me that this collection is accessible to all women – I have designed these beautiful pieces to flatter women of all shapes and sizes,” she said.

Sharon Webb Debenhams’ director of lingerie buying and design explained her delight about working with Dita: “We’re very excited to welcome Dita’s range to Debenhams and further secure our position as the destination for fashionable lingerie.

“This beautiful collection is set to delight UK women with its flattering, vintage inspired designs.”

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  1. coskun Toktamis - 23 Kasım 2012

    lovely….all over!!

  2. Kristen - 26 Kasım 2012

    I love Dita! Check out The Violet Vixen for the best

  3. Frank Huank - 27 Kasım 2012

    I like this article for its information.
    I agree with author’s opinion.This article is very helpful for women.To-days women prefer to do their shopping for sexy clothing likes women’s Lingerie through the internet as there is no need of traveling to the store for buying.

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