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Turkish PM Tayyip Erdogan calls Russia’s reaction over Turkey Patriot move ‘very wrong’

Erdogan warns Russia
Erdogan warns Russia

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan strikes back at Russia who has shown harsh reaction to NATO’s deployment of Patriot missiles near Turkey’s border with Syria. Tayyip Erdogan stated Russia could not be any more wrong than that and Russia almost attempts to intervene to Turkey’s domestic affairs.

Ankara / NationalTurk – Turkish PM Erdoğan’s remarks over Russia’s reaction over Turkey’s deployment of Patriot missiles at Strian border came late Thursday while speaking to Turkish journalists on board a plane en route from Pakistan to Turkey.

“I find Russia’s statements very wrong. Its approach of trying to show Turkey’s internal affairs – which it is not involved with – as a matter of its own interest is wrong. The issue is the placement of missiles for defense purpose,” Erdoğan stated.

Turkey and Arab world wannabe leader Erdogan warned Russia

While speaking in Pakistan earlier on Thursday, Erdoğan underlined that the deployment was for defensive purposes only.

“This is a measure being taken against certain possible attacks from [the Syrian] side,” Erdoğan stated.

Yet in Moscow, Russia’s Foreign Ministry warned Turkey against using the Patriots for “muscle flexing.”

“The militarization of the Syrian-Turkish border is an alarming signal,” spokesman Alexander Lukashevich noted. “We have different advice for our Turkish colleagues — use their influence with the Syrian opposition to accelerate the start of a political dialogue.”

A sudden Gaza visit from Erdogan

Erdoğan argued that the most active policy for providing a truce between Israel and Hamas was conducted by Turkey, Egypt and Qatar.

“Dates are not announced,” Erdoğan responded when asked when he would visit Gaza. Upon insistent questions on the same issue, Erdoğan said: “I may suddenly go to Gaza.”

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  1. Erdogan is a politician who knows what he wants and every now and then starting to learn how things work in the world arena. He talks what he believes in is right. Don’t you dare criticize him unfairly without actually knowing what is going on.

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