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Deron Williams signs deal with Besiktas, heads to Istanbul, Türkiye
18 Temmuz, 2011 | 12:04
Deron Wîlliams signs with Besiktas

Deron Wîlliams signs with Besiktas, Istanbul

It’s finally official: New Jersey Nets point guard Deron Williams will be playing in Turkey next season during the lockout in NBA.

D-Will tweeted the signature on his one-year contract with Besiktas Istanbul, the black eagles, from his Twitter account.

“Just made it official, headed to Turkey …signed with Besiktas & @BJK_Basketbol,” he wrote informing on his contract with Besiktas reportedly worth $5 million.

Atlanta Hawks center Zaza Pachulia, who also owns a turkish passport, also has an agreement to play for the Istanbul based club, which briefly employed Allen Iverson last season.

Players under contract like Williams would typically need a letter of clearance from FIBA — the sport’s world governing body — to play anywhere else.

Some tweets from all around the world, as Besiktas makes the best basketball signing ever in Europe !

Make a humble 5 million during a lockout year not bad.

Byeeeeeeeee. Bring back some köfte when you come back!

It’ll keep him nice and fresh, who wouldn’t want that? Stop being worried about injuries, this guy can take care of himself.


If I was an NBA player, I wouldn’t leave and go overseas, I would stay in America to play basketball in a rec league and get some part time job doing something.

when a few more superstars like dwight and melo go to europe or china, the owners will cave in quick and pay the union all the money they want.

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  1. DRU - 19 Temmuz 2011

    only $5 mil? come on man !

  2. DRU - 19 Temmuz 2011

    oh yeah… first !!! looks like no one comes to this website lol…

  3. john - 19 Temmuz 2011

    really get a part time job after making millions of dollars a year? Don’t think you thought that threw all that much

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