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FBI saved 79 child victims of prostitution in US, over 100 human traffickers arrested
26 Haziran, 2012 | 12:45
FBI saved 79 child victims of prostitution in US

FBI saved 79 child victims of prostitution in US

The FBI officially announced enforcement sweep targeting the problem of child prostitution. The US police rescued 79 children and arrested over hundred presumptive pimps.

In the continuing effort to address the national problem of US sex trafficking, the FBI proclaimed the results of a 3-day law enforcement action in which 79 child victims of prostitution were recovered and more than 100 human traffickers were arrested.

Operation Cross Country was commanded over the past 72 hours in 57 cities around the country with the help of state and local law enforcement and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC). Acting Executive Assistant Director Kevin Perkins says that child prostitution remains a major threat to children across America and that it is a violent and deplorable crime. The FBI is working with their other partners to amuse and put behind bars individuals and members of criminal enterprises who would sexually exploit children and teens.

79 rescued in child prostitution sweep / Police target human traffickers in 57 Cities in US

Operation Cross Country took place in the last few days with more than two thousand state, local and federal officers working in fifty seven cities in United States. The FBI is taking action to identify and recover child victims and prosecute those responsible for their exploitation.

President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Ernie Allen commented : ‘ It’s clear that child prostitution and sex trafficking do not just occur somewhere else on the other side of the world. The FBI is taking action to identify and recover child victims and prosecute those responsible for their exploitation. ‘ But Allen says the deployment of over two thousands officers in 57 cities in this operation shows that public attitudes are changing.

‘ Child trafficking problem in America is over ‘ / In all, 79 underage children were rescued

Locally, 5 young girls and a boy, with ages bearing from 13 – 17, were recovered. Amidst the 70 people arrested were 5 pimps and 22 customers. Nationwide, 79 children were recovered and 104 pimps were arrested during the Operation Cross Country against sex trafficking in US.

Thought those figures, the FBI officers and child advocates said that child prostitution continues to be a real problem and they called on the community to realize it can happen in any town and any neighborhood.


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