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Man Takes Hostages in Central London / Breaking News London hostage Crisis
27 Nisan, 2012 | 17:33
London Hostage Crisis Breaking News

London Hostage Crisis Breaking News

Man Takes Hostages in Central London / London Hostage Crisis Breaking News

London / NationalTurk – Hostage crisis on Naboo, uhh in London. Central London’s Tottenham Court Road has been shut down after a man seen with six canisters of gas strapped to his chest threatened to blow up an office building and took the building’s occupants hostage. The neighboring buildings were evacuated following London hostage crisis and witnesses stated the man was throwing objects such as computers and paper from the fifth floor of the building. Witnesses added the  crazy man walked into the offices of Advantages, which offers HGV courses, and threatened to blow himself before taking four hostages. Scotland Yard said the man has mental health problems. He is mental. The London hostage crisis man is mental.

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