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Mango shoots video for Come Monna Lisa in beautiful Istanbul
21 Eylül, 2011 | 13:35
Mango shoots Come Monna Lisa in Istanbul

Mango shoots Come Monna Lisa in Istanbul

One of the best voices in Italian music, famous Italian singer Mango is getting very popular with his video ‘Come Monna Lisa’, which he shot in Istanbul.

Italian singer Mango and his hit song ‘Come Monna Lisa’ is rapidly gaining popularity with its video shot in Istanbul, Turkey. The video supported by sponsoring connections and shot in Istanbul, reflects the beauty of the city on the shores of Bosphorus and tells of a passionate love story.

Mango shoots Come Monna Lisa in Istanbul

The clip starts at the historic train station in Haydarpasa, Istanbul on the Asian shore of Bosphorus and continues on a vessel to show the grand beauty of the Bosphorus strait splitting the historic city in two sides.

The Italian singer Mango has started his musical career in 1975. For almost 40 years the Pop-Rock singer enchants his fans not only with his voice, also with his poems and lyrics. Mango has over 20 albums, Arlecchino, Australia, Odissea, Adesso, Sirtaki, Dove vai, Ti amo così, Gli amori son finestre are only some of his finest works.

Mango Come Monna Lisa Video shot in Istanbul :

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