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October 2014 Astrology

01 Ekim, 2014 | 15:30

October 2014 Astrology

The most significant astrological activities in October 2014 are The Lunar Eclipse  and The Solar Eclipse: 8th of October, Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon at 15 degrees of Aries  and 24th October, Solar Eclipse and New Moon at 0 degree of Scorpio… October begins with Mercury Retrograde on 4th October. During the month,...

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Happy Event:Sumatran Tiger Triplets at the London Zoo, Video / UK News

13 Mart, 2014 | 16:07

Happy Event:Sumatran Tiger Triplets at the London Zoo, Video / UK News

The joy is huge: In London Zoo three tiger cubs were born – and they seem to develop perfectly. The mother of the triplets Melati had lost a newborn dramatically year only six months ago. Sumatran Tiger Melati gave birth six months after the death of her last baby, following a pregnancy lasting 106 days. “We...

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2014 Chinese Year: Wooden Horse Year

27 Ocak, 2014 | 16:39

2014 Chinese Year: Wooden Horse Year

According to Chinese astrology, there are 12 different animals representing one sign. This year, by the New Moon in Acquarius, we, throughout the world, begin to a new period with Wooden Horse sign. Astrologers and feng shui experts have commented on this period for the world. Horse, in Chinese astrology symbolizes success,...

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Travel Destinations and Zodiac Signs

11 Aralık, 2013 | 16:33

Travel Destinations and Zodiac Signs

As we are about to be in new year, in 2014, each of us begins to think about making a plan and going somewhere interesting. Travel destinations may be chosen according to our zodiac signs. Each place has its unique energy and it is significant to know about which place is suitable for your own energy! The second zodiac...

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Travel Destinations According to Your Zodiacal Signs?

10 Aralık, 2013 | 14:28

Travel Destinations According to Your Zodiacal Signs?

There are many travel destinations throughout the world. Each of us tries to decide which place we may choose. Before 2014, we have a new travel hints for you. You will have a travel idea according to your zodiacal sign. Which countries and cities you may admire if your sign is Aries? Which countries do Taurus people love to go? Which cities...

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