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Poland’s basketball star Marcin Gortat visits Polish military in Afghanistan
03 Temmuz, 2012 | 12:01
Poland's basketball star Marcin Gortat visits Polish military in Afghanistan

Poland's basketball star Marcin Gortat visits Polish military in Afghanistan

NBA basketball star Marcin Gortat has visited the Bagram Polish Base in Afghanistan. He also played there basketball match with Polish and American soldiers.

Polish basketball player Marcin Gortat who plays in the NBA – professional basketball league in North America, arrived to the Afghanistan where it awaits a busy summer – participation in the shares of traditional children’s camps, training sessions and matches with the representation and a trip to the military mission in Afghanistan.

NBA basketball star Marcin Gortat has told Polish soldiers that they are true heroes, as, unlike the athletes competing in sports halls, they risk their lives to make life safer for others. Gortat added also that he was under the impression of the professional skills of Polish soldiers. He honestly approved that he had wriggled out of military service.

‘ This is one of the most interesting experiences of my life ‘ / NBA basketball player Marcin Gortat on a mission in Afghanistan

Polish basketball competitor Marcin Gortat has set up a foundation which helps troops who had suffered in different ways while serving on military missions. This summer, the Polish military together with foundation had organized summer holidays for 50 children of those soldiers who lost their lives or suffered injuries. General Bogdan Tworkowski, Commander of the Polish 6th Airborne Brigade said Marcin Gortat’s visit is for the soldiers an opportunity to compactly break away from the worries and promote the exemplary image of the polish army.

Just like anywhere else NBA basketball star Marcin Gortat gave autographs and photographs to the soldiers. Gortat said : ‘ Emotions are huge, this is one of the most interesting experiences of my life. Each base is slightly different, but everywhere I met with the same warm reception. ‘ He lamented that he hadn’t more time to talk with soldiers. 

Marcin Gortat supports Polish soldiers in Afghanistan / NBA basketball star promotes children’s camps

Polish representative and the player of the American team the Phoenix Suns Marcin Gortat, currently the only Pole who plays in the NBA, went to Afghanistan to visits Polish military there.

The athlete Marcin Gortat has learnt how to operate some of the military weapons and machines, including aid projects undertaken by the Regional Reconstruction Team (PRT). Gortat was in the interior of the self-propelled Dan’s cannon while shooting and he looked at the vehicles used by soldiers and guns, including sniper rifles, which were very interested for a polish basketball player who already has several weapons in the United States.

Marcin Gortat has commented : ‘ It is not just the exchange of fire, but also cooperation with the local population, infrastructure construction, education, knowledge transfer, it is great experience for me. ‘ Marcin Gortat insisted at the meetings with soldiers in Afghanistan when he was in the United States. ‘ One of the soldiers has summarized that always a variation of a meeting with the famous person gives a little breath of everyday life.

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