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Because they will have a busy woman against her will as a servant, a Saudi princess in California must stand trial. The alleged victim was able to fly out of the apartment and called the police.

Saudi national arrested in California

Because they will have a busy woman against her will as a servant, a Saudi princess in California must stand trial. The alleged victim was able to fly out of the apartment and called the police.

A Saudi princess has to answer in court for trafficking in California. According to the prosecution, they should have a woman being held against their will as a housekeeper in her apartment.

District Attorney Tony Rackauskas of Orange County announced in the 42-year-old accused Meshael Alayban it were a Saudi princess; her husband was Prince Abdul Rahman bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz al-Saud. If convicted, you could face up to twelve years in prison.

According to authorities, the alleged victim had previous information can escape from the home. With a suitcase in hand, the woman pulled over on a bus and said she was the victim of human trafficking. After you had helped a passenger to alert the police, these searched the condominium in which the princess lived with her family. There are there four more women were found, which were possibly also forced to work.

US Saudi Princess Scandal:”Not just a matter of labor law”

When the fugitive servant is a 30-year-old, said to have been set in Kenya in 2012 by an employment agency. When she arrived in Saudi Arabia to work in the family palace of the princess, you have lost her passport, it said. They had been forced to work 16 hours every day, you also have to pay less than promised. Also travel back to their home they could not, according to authorities information.

“This is not just a matter of labor law,” said prosecutor Rackauskas. “This is someone a person held against their will.”

A judge set bail for the Alayban fixed to five million dollars. If they come free, the princess must leave until the trial monitor their whereabouts using GPS. The district they may only leave with prior permission.

To a hearing before the court the princess did not appear. Her lawyer said at the matter, it was merely a disagreement over contractual terms. He complained about the high deposit requirement; his client have been coming regularly since her childhood in the U.S. and own property in the country. They have given their word that they will litigate the allegations in court.

According to police Alaybans family was entered in May in the United States and had thereby brought the alleged victim. The Kenyan had cooked “around the clock” for the family, cleaned and cared for the children. According Rackauskas had promised her a monthly salary of $ 1600, but they’ve only got $ 220.

  1. Amir aboelgasim July 25, 2013, 5:38 am

    Isn’t it the tradition in Saudi Arabia that employer holds employee passport regardless of employee profession, doctors, engineers.. Etc. that is well known to all embassies in Riyadh including the u S embassy. I guess the Kenyan lady or some one else is taking advantage of the situation and trying to make it sounds like slavery. Had the Kenyan lady ever tried to call her embassy while she was in Riyadh? Why in America . Hey wake up .. This is happening every year in Virginia and Maryland , that housemaids come over with families like alayban family and then suddenly report abuse as step stone for asylum . And it works. ms alayban is the actual victim and not the Kenyan lady



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