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Street Fighter Vs Tekken announced and trailer released
27 Temmuz, 2010 | 12:23

The gaming world have been up on arms since last week as news was announced that Capcom, the makers of Street Fighter and Namco the founders of Tekken were working together to bring both games together.

Video Street Fighter X Tekken or Street Fighter Vs Tekken Trailer.

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Both Tekken and Street Fighter are easily the biggest fighting franchises in the history of gaming with hundreds of millions of fans from around the world.

Street Fighter X Tekken

So when the news came that both these popular fighting games were to be collaborated with each other, you assume that many fans burst their bubbles in excitement.

It was announced that two games are to be released by both gaming giants. Capcom will release Street Fighter X Tekken (Street Fighter Vs Tekken) where Tekken fighters will be introduced to the Street Fighter platform and Tekken X Street Fighter (Tekken Vs Street Fighter) will also be released by Namco where Street Fighter characters will be introduced into the Tekken platform.

The release date for the two games are not yet announced but both games will be for the X-BOX 360 and Playstation 3 consoles and is expected to be released sometime in mid or the end of 2011.

Write your comments and thoughts below.

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  1. acutefailure - 27 Temmuz 2010

    No. I don’t support this. I’ll play it, but I don’t like the idea. If it’s good then hey, but I don’t like this idea. A six button system with a tiny moveset, focusing on special attacks and super combos vs. a 4 button system focusing on a huge command list? Someone’s gonna get gimped and it’s gonna be a hassle.

  2. Ray - 28 Temmuz 2010

    Why u doing this stupid people. The storys will suck the graphics and the game style of tekken will be ruined.but I guess only real tekken players will feel the pain. Thank u idiots

  3. Chuck Finley - 11 Ağustos 2010

    Ok, so people are freaking about this. Well here is a thought, why not get the version that is being released by your favorite company? If you are a SF fan get the Capcom one so all your characters wont get nerfed. If you are a Tekken fan, get the one by Namco so all your combos will still work?

    Dont be afraid of new things. Give it a try and remember to get the version that you will be accustomed to so that way you dont have to relearn alot of new stuff.

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