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Usain Bolt , Richard Branson team up for hilarious TV ad
13 Ocak, 2012 | 14:29
Usain Bolt in his fake beard impersonating Sir Richard Branson

Usain Bolt in his fake beard impersonating Sir Richard Branson

Olympic champion and fastest man on the earth Usain Bolt impersonates billionaire Sir Richard Branson for a hilarious new TV advert for Virgin Media.

London / NationalTurk – The world’s fastest man, the 25-year-old sprint king, a three-time Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt and Virgin Media founder, infinite money owner Sir Richard Branson teamed up for a new Virgin Media ad, as Usain Bolt dressed up as the 61-year-old tycoon for the Virgin Media ad, complete with Branson’s trademark goatee beard.

The company is boosting its top broadband speed to 120Mb and doubling the speeds of over four million of its broadband customers without charge.

The ad, which was filmed in Usain Bolt’s hometown of Kingston in Jamaica, was shot in a fun atmosphere. A source said: “Usain was great fun to be around – he kept the whole crew laughing between takes by showing off his break-dancing and robot dance moves. And because what we do is so boring, we laughed a lot at this jokes’

“He even took the whole crew to his own Tracks & Records restaurant one night and treated them all to dinner. Sir Richard and Usain really hit it off. There was a lot of mutual respect for what they have both achieved.”

Sir Richard Branson added: “Virgin Media is giving customers more so what better person to champion superfast broadband than Usain Bolt? As the fastest man on the planet, he’s the living embodiment of speed.”


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