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Washington May Let Tehran Enrich Uranium
28 Nisan, 2012 | 12:59

U.S. authorities may allow Iran to enrich uranium in exchange for some concessions.

The Obama administration is considering the possibility of allowing Tehran to enrich uranium up to a concentration of five percent if Iran agrees to let international inspectors carry out sustained and comprehensive control over their nuclear program, Los Angeles Times reported.

U.S. officials and other countries came to the conclusion that Iran would not stop developing its nuclear program so it is necessary to seek a compromise. To create a nuclear weapon it is necessary to enrich uranium up to concentration of 90 percent, and the United States may allow Iran to enrich uranium up to five percent. In February 2010, Iranian scientists were able to enrich small amounts of uranium to 20 percent.

Iran’s relations with Israel and the United States deteriorated after Iran did not grant permission for the visit of IAEA expert team. Western powers suspect Iran of seeking to create a nuclear bomb but Tehran insists its program is aimed at the production of civilian energy.

In mid-April, Istanbul hosted the first round of talks on Iran’s nuclear program. Negotiations between Iran and the six countries known collectively as the Group of Six, were considered satisfactory. The next round is scheduled for May 23 and will be held in Baghdad.

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