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Accession Negotiations: Turkey and the EU approach to negotiations with visa / Breaking News


The accession negotiations between Turkey and the European Union are started. The Turkish European Affairs Minister Egemen Bagis celebrated the approaching a turning point. Also in the visa liberalization between Ankara and Brussels is moving.

“The good things happen,” the Turkish Minister for European Affairs Egemen Bagis said on Monday in Brussels. First, he had officially opened regional policy with representatives of the EU accession negotiations on the chapter. For the first time since June 2010, so the issue of Turkey’s EU accession was back on the table. That gave impetus to the negotiations between Ankara and Brussels on visa liberalization for Turks. “This is a turning point in relations between the EU and Turkey,” Bağış said – and announced “consequences” to.

The signing of an agreement on the readmission of illegal immigrants had come very close to the negotiators. Similarly, the start of negotiations on visa facilitation. EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule, who is expected on Thursday in Ankara announced that may yet signed the readmission agreement this week and the visa negotiations could be started.

So far, Turkey has sought to require only under certain conditions for the readmission of illegal immigrants. And when they get before a binding timetable for the introduction of visa-free travel for Turks when traveling to the Schengen area. Commissioner Füle had always stressed that such assurances only from the EU Council of Ministers could be given.

This ” enlargement fatigue ” of the EU countries also prefer a ” negotiation fatigue” in Turkey itself , Bagis said: “I am convinced that this will come to an end , because Europe needs Turkey just as much need as Turkey Europe . ” Füle also pleaded for as quickly as possible to open the negotiation chapter on fundamental rights, justice and rule of law. The negotiations , however, are also blocked from Cyprus, whose northern part of Turkish soldiers support the self-proclaimed government of the Turkish population.

Turkey is negotiating with the EU for eight years about a candidate , but so far without much progress . Of a total of 35 chapters Ankara has so far concern only 14th Recently , the EU postponed the opening of discussions on regional policy in June because of the crackdown by the Turkish security forces against the nationwide protests against the government.

The federal government had repeatedly expressed concerns about joining the predominantly Muslim country. The SPD as a possible new coalition partner of Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned in the summer , although the crackdown on demonstrators , but did not want to tear off the talks.

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