Actress Eva-Ingeborg Scholz is dead

Four years ago she got hold of the German Acting Prize. Eva-Ingeborg Scholz has now died at the age of 94. This was announced, among other things, by her daughter.

Almost 100 roles in film and television, plus the acting award and the unmistakable setting of the Disney character “Cinderella”: Eva-Ingeborg Scholz has left a multifaceted mark in Germany. Now the actress has died at the age of 94, as was announced on Monday.

Her daughter, actress Katharina Seyferth, as well as Scholz’s agency, shared the sad news. For more than 70 years, Scholz has played a wide variety of roles, first in various theaters and then also in film and television. In 2018 she received a German Acting Award for her performance in “Tatort: ​​Die Liebe, ein Strange Spiel” from Bavarian Radio. There she embodied a suspicious neighbor named Helga Maitz alongside the investigative duo Batic and Leitmayr.

She lent her voice to Cinderella

In the 1940s she was engaged at various Berlin theaters and then became a member of the ensemble at the Munich Kammerspiele. She was born in Berlin but lived in Munich. She became known to a larger audience in 1948 with her title role in the Defa film “1-2-3 Corona”, set in the ruins of Berlin after the Second World War.

In the 1960s, she finally advanced to become a frequently used series actress. In the three-part war film “08/15” she played the lover of the soldier portrayed by Joachim Fuchsberger. Scholz also worked as a voice actress and lent her voice to the title character of the cartoon “Cinderella”. Eva-Ingeborg Scholz was temporarily married to screenwriter Georg Hurdalek and actor Wilfried Seyferth. In addition to her daughter, she leaves behind a son: Stefan Hurdalek also works as an actor.


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