After a beating attack: Beauty botch at Georgina Fleur

A month after the beating photo, Georgina Fleur shows herself again with a blue face. This time, however, the reason is different: the influencer was at the Beauty Doc – and regrets it.

In early April, Georgina Fleur shocked Instagram with photos of herself with a black eye. It was her ex-boyfriend Kubilay Özdemir who was to blame. “He hit me with his fists like a punching bag,” the former “Bachelor” candidate told her fans on Instagram at the time.

Now, a month later, the influencer shows up again with a demolished face. This time, however, it wasn’t her ex, it was her beauty doc. As reported by “Bild”, the 32-year-old wanted to have her nose fixed after her boyfriend’s beating attack. But the TV star does not seem to be satisfied with the result. But on the contrary.

“My nose was actually so pretty”

“Look at my nose, it turned totally blue,” says the 32-year-old in her Instagram story. Georgina Fleur shows herself in bed, turning her face from right to left several times. “My nose was actually so beautiful, it only had a little bump. Now I don’t have a bump anymore, now I have a bump. It pisses me off so much.”

Georgina Fleur had her nose filled with hyaluronic acid to make it look straighter. The reality TV fame was actually happy with her nose. “I have no idea why I always cause such problems, although I actually have no problems at all.”

This is what her nose looked like before:

She also tells her followers that she sent the nanny home. “I don’t even want her to move in here. It was a completely stupid idea. I don’t need it at all. I didn’t feel so comfortable because there was a stranger in the apartment.”

Her daughter Violetta was born in the summer of 2021 and is now eight months old. The little ones’ father is Kubilay Özdemir. She has been with the entrepreneur since 2018, and the engagement followed in 2019. However, the wedding never happened. The two had an on/off relationship for years. They are currently separated.


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