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Alleged Mel Gibson recordings of racist sexist rants to girlfriend aired

By now Mel Gibson’s racist rants and sexist words have been heard by millions of people from all around the world thanks to YouTube and many other websites.

Alleged recording of Mel Gibson’s racists sexist rants to former girl friend.

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Now a second 8 minute recording, this time of the star allegedly admitting that he hit the mother of hir 8-month-old baby has been released by the same website that released the first video of the pair.

The phone call is allegedly between Oksana Grigorieva, then girlfriend of Gibson and the actor himself.

But what would the implications of his obscene and sometimes outright erratic behavior and words be on Mel Gibson’s career.

Alleged second recording of Mel Gibson rants to former girl friend.

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Well, Hollywood let the American Australian actor, film director, producer and screenwriter go scot-free for his alleged anti-semitic comments while being arrested by a Jewish police officer, but lucky for Gibson, the fans bought the “I was Drunk” and “I am sorry” excuses.

Well what about Gibson’s latest antics? Will the public especially the American public forgive the actors latest runts?

Gibson has come into our lives from a very young age with the “Mad Max” and “Lethal Weapon” movies, well he was acclaimed internationally by these movies but was really accepted as an International icon after Braveheart.

So how easy is it for us to just not like the guy anymore due to his remarks.

Gibson has never been away from controversy since 1991 when he was accused of being homophobic after an interview with a Spanish Newspaper.

However the bad behavior of the Braveheart star has put his reputation and career in tatters.

The public had forgiven Gibson’s outrageous behavior one-two many times and it has been obvious from his actions that his apologies are mere publicity stunts.

The latest of the Gibson scandals consists of the 54-year-old shouting sexist remarks at his ex-girlfriend and was allegedly heard shouting “if you get raped by a pack of N….s then it will be your fault” about her wearing tight cloths.

Well, William Morris Endeavor agency, have already dropped the multimillion dollar star after a representative allegedly said ‘we can’t represent a guy who said the N-word’.

Let’s just see what the future holds for Mel who has been having alcohol problems for sometime now.

Write your comments and thoughts below.

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5 Comment

  1. don’t forgive him because he is famous. it is not o.k. to speak to anyone like that… i don’t care how drunk you are.the man is a rasicist and a woman hater…do you really need more proof ? well i’m sure if you do …he will provide…i say put him in a room with tom cruise and last man standing can be GOD

    i believe this tape was made by a woman affraid for her child and her self. he is a very powerful man and she is a young woman, and as he says she has no friends in hollywood. the man’s a rasicist…..shame cos i was once proud he was an aussie…now i just wish he’d stop being a bully

  2. I don’t think she is pushing his buttons. When you are dealing with a man who is screaming out of control you try and keep calm and in control because you don’t know what he might do. She is taping him to protect herself and her child. I think it is a smart move because he has a lot of wealth and power. By releasing these tapes she is preserving her life and her child’s life.

  3. Well, even if we don’t ‘see another side of her’, that doesn’t excuse what he said. People can be pushed to their limit of frustration but never say things like that. So it certainly says something about Mel Gibson.

  4. I believe that if she wasnt taping her conversation we would have heard a totally different side of her.
    I am sure she has pushed him somehow into his rant to set him off so she could publicly bring him down, and it is working. She was very sly about that.
    He should have know better to get involved with a young girl that was out for money and fame.
    we only hear her side dont we??
    I dont fall for it.

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