Alleged rebel radio after Malaysian Airlines MH17-crash: “The Cossacks have a plane shot down” / Breaking News


Who is to blame for the crash of Flight 17 MH? The Iranian intelligence has released radio messages that are to come from separatists. Then you hear the confession of a terrible mistake.

The men from the Ukrainian secret service want to be absolutely sure. Your reading of the disaster of flight MH17 to be heard all over the world. On Thursday night, the wreckage of the Boeing 777 are descended over eastern Ukraine, on the pro-Russian separatist territory controlled by. Kiev intelligence SBU has subsequently been released at night on YouTube recordings of an alleged radio traffic of the rebels in several languages: English, French, German, Russian, Polish.

The world should have no doubt as to who is to blame for the death of around 300 people aboard the plane. A separatist group had “just been shot down a plane, it has come down after the village Enakjewo” reports as a male voice. The SBU believes he has identified the voice of the Separatist commander Igor Besler.

“What about the pilot, where are the pilots?” asks Beslers interlocutor.

“One is the road to look for them and take pictures of the downed aircraft. It smokes,” says Besler.

“How many minutes ago was that?”

“About 30 minutes ago.”


At the subsequent radio message – dated to 16:33 clock – should it be two separatist fighters:

“The Cossacks of Tschernuchino have shot down an aircraft. From check-point in Tschernuchino. Cossacks who are at Tschernuchino.”

Tschernuchino is a village between Donetsk and Luhansk, it is located a few kilometers north of the crash site (see map below).

“The plane broke apart in the air. We have found the first dead. A civilian.”

In Russian, is the talk of the “first two hundreds”. This refers to the term “Cargo 200” is, in the Russian military jargon that’s the term for a corpse.


The next radio traffic from 17:32 clock:
“What about with you?”

“In short, a civilian aircraft, wholly.”

“A lot of people?”

“Damn much. Fragments have fallen on the houses.”

“Which flight?”

“I have not yet ‘found out. I’m still the biggest part of debris., Where are the remains of the inner support structure, seats, body.”

“Is there any weapons?”

“Nothing at all. Civilian stuff, medicines, towels, toilet paper.”

“Are there any identification documents?”

“Yes, an Indonesian student.”

The following radio message is from 17:42 clock:

“Because of this aircraft shot down between Snischnoe gate. This has turned out to be civil., It has come down in Hrabowe, a sea of ​​corpses of women and children.”

“On TV, they say that it is a AN-26, Ukrainian, a transport machine., But it is” Malaysian Airlines “on it, they say. What did that on the territory of Ukraine?”

“Because they have probably hergeschafft spies.”

The separatists deny having shot down the machine. The previous radio recordings were “fake”. In Moscow there is, Kiev intelligence SBU’ve “rigged” and seem to be ready long before the launch. This was an indication that the Ukrainians themselves had shot down the machine – to weight Russia and the rebels.

Indeed, it is one thing, not to check if the recordings are authentic. In the months since the raging conflict, it takes not only the Kremlin propaganda sometimes not so accurate with the facts, but also the Ukrainian security forces. The secret service SBU announces almost every week to the invasion of Russian regular troops. The constant false alarm complained last Alexander Turchynov, the former Interim President of Ukraine.

On the other hand: In the past, the SBU had already landed with radio recordings of the separatists hit. In April, the service ever published intercepted conversations, including the dialogue of a field commander in eastern Ukraine with a contact in Moscow, called “Alexander”. Russia described the recordings even then as a forgery. Weeks later arrived from Moscow coming a Russian citizen in eastern Ukraine, a, the soon to “Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Donetsk” climb: Alexander Boradai, the “Alexander” from the intercepted radio messages.

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