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Obama and Putin: “We US politicians tend sometimes to smile” / Breaking News


Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin are regarded as the most powerful men in the world – and can not stand each other, they say. A misunderstanding, now declared the US president. It came about because the Russian just always do on tough guy.

Washington – No, “icy” is not the relationship between Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama. That said, the U.S. president on the relationship with his Russian counterpart, in an interview with NBC. “The fact is that there are a lot of exchange, when we meet, a surprising amount of humor, of give and take.” Putin has always treated him with the utmost respect. This will often appear differently in media reports, criticized the U.S. president.

Obama describes Putin’s appearance as that of a “tough guy” that it was a scam, which is aimed at the domestic audience. “He has a public style during joint interviews like back and appear a bit bored,” the U.S. president said. He believes that by doing “some of these impressions” would arise. U.S. politicians, however, have a different style, Obama describes: “We tend sometimes to smile.”

NBC broadcast the interview on Friday evening along with a recording of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. At the opening ceremony was much marching and been danced, the expected bombastic Putin show but it was not.

Obama and Putin:On the Proposed offer of help

Ahead of the Winter Olympics Obama Putin had offered support in the anti-terror arrangements. During the discussions it had gone to the possible use of U.S. electronics to prevent bomb attacks, it was the end of January, citing unnamed defense officials in Washington. A decision had not yet been taken, it said.

Although Obama had declared the Olympic Games in Sochi for sure, the Pentagon had informed that in the Black Sea two U.S. warships were ready “for all eventualities.” Although there are no requirements from Russia templates, based missile cruiser USS “Ramage” (DDG-61) and the command ship USS “Mount Whitney” (LCC-20) in early February before the Ukrainian coast outside Russian territorial waters position.

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