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Attack of fighter aircraft: Turkey is Kurdish positions bombed / Breaking News

A Turkish F-16 fighter jet prepares for takeoff from Incirlik airbase in the southern Turkish city of Adana

The Turkish air force has attacked Kurdish rebels, according to media reports. An official confirmation does not exist. The attack would hamper the international struggle against “Islamic State” enormous.

Turkish warplanes have bombed allegedly positions of Kurdish rebels in the southeast of the country. The reports the Turkish newspaper “Hurriyet” on its website. It was the first major use of this type against the banned Kurdish Workers’ Party PKK since the peace process began two years ago was, they say. The attacks on Sunday had caused great harm, reports the “Hürriyet”.

Official figures remain far from: The Turkish military initially said nothing to the report, writes the news agency Reuters. However, the news agency AFP quoted security circles. Accordingly, the attack had occurred until Monday evening. F-16 fighter jets have dropped bombs on positions of the banned PKK, information on victims was not available initially.

Reason for the attack were three-day attacks PKK rebels on a military post near the border with Iraq have been reports “Hürriyet”.
The relations between the PKK and the Turkish government had worsened dramatically in the past few weeks. Reason is the siege of the city inhabited by Kurds Kobane in northern Syria on the border with Turkey by the radical militia “Islamic State” (IS).

The Kurds throw Turkey, among other things, to prevent an imminent massacre, despite aid to the besieged, because the fighters have in Kobane links to the PKK. While Turkey rejects a military alone without an internationally coordinated strategy.

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