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Barack Obama met with Tayyip Erdogan

Barack Obama met with Tayyip Erdogan U.S. President Barack Obama met with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Washington.

The meeting lasted for 45 minutes on the sidelines of Nuclear Security Summit. The focal point of the talks was Armenia-Turkey normalization process.

According to the diplomatic source, officials discussed the roadmap related to the Armenia-Turkey Protocols.

Obama pledged to do his utmost to contribute to the active efforts of OSCE Minsk Group and the acceleration of Karabakh conflict settlement.

Turkey’s FM Davutoglu and U.S. State Secretary Hillary Clinton also attended the meeting agreed to proceed with the work in the Caucasus. For the first time foreign ministers canvassed the technical issues on the roadmap, that also includes Karabakh issue, stipulating for the simultaneous retreat of Armenian forces from Karabakh adjacent regions and border opening.

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