Berlusconi plans revolution in Milan : Allegri out Guordiola in, Galliani out Maldini in

Revolution at Milan ? Berlusconi considers to replace Galliani
Revolution at Milan ? Berlusconi considers to replace Galliani

Pep Guardiola, former Barcelona manager on sabbatical, will replace Massimiliano Allegri while former Milan player anf legend Maldini will take Galliani’s place at Milan boss. The move will come non-other than Silvio Berlusconi, president of AC Milan.

Milan / NationalTurk – Milan is on the brink of a great revolution. Is it time for Berlusconi to cut Galliani loose ? Shocking news for the Italian giants …

Pep Guardiola is currently enjoying a one-year sabbatical after leaving Barcelona at the end of 2011-2012 season, and the 41-year-old manager has been linked with a number of English and Italian clubs in the past few months.

AC Milan to face revolution : Berlusconi Galliani partnership soon over ?

It is believed that Guardiola is targeted by Milan President Silvio Berlusconi as the current Rossoneri boss Massimiliano Allegri is under fire due to recent poor results of struggling Milan, who sold star players Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva and replaced older stars with young players.

The so-called Berlusconi revolution will not stop with Allegri – Guardiola replacement at manager position. Berlusconi also wants former Milan captain and legend Maldini to replace Galliani who has been at Milan helm for 20 years.

Guardiola to replace Allegri, Maldini to replace Galliani in Milan

Berlusconi and Galliani have always been close friends. Galliani is the right-hand of Berlusconi. However thing got sour between two men who identify AC Milan for decades : AC Milan’s current struggles force Berlusconi to cut his right hand only to re-grown in form of Maldini.

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