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Besiktas 1 Galatasaray 2:Gezi Park Riots overshadow Istanbul derby / Breaking News


In Istanbul football derby between Besiktas and Galatasaray is rioting. In injury time, some pro government provakator spectators ran onto the field, the match had to be stopped.

The big game of the first Turkish Süper Lig football league standings between Besiktas and Galatasaray champion has been overshadowed by violence. The score of 2-1 (0-1) for the Galatasaray Istanbul derby in injury time had to be canceled. Previously, hundreds of stadium visitors stormed the field. It is said to have acted to Besiktas supporters.

Trigger for the space storm was, according to a Red the Galatasaray player Felipe Melo card for serious foul play. This is said to have relied upon leaving the field of play the home fans his jersey demonstrative, whereupon some of the audience apparently felt provoked.

Several hundred people then illegally entered the lawn, referees and players took refuge in the cabin. Police reportedly used tear gas, it was several minutes before she got the situation under control. The game does not kick off again.

Founded by the government ruling party AKP Youth organization ” 1453 Eagles group” terrorized stadium.

That was a delibaretly provacation against  during in the ” Gezi Park ” protests most organized and active supporters group Besiktas ” Carsı”. The purposes of  destroy ” Carsı Besiktas”  by law group of people who make this Derby match.

To silence all opposition voices rising against the government  itself refers to the set.

At the time of the crash Galatasaray was in the lead, Didier Drogba had two goals turned the game (59 minutes, 72), preceded by the former Bremen Hugo Almeida scored a goal for the host (18). Traditionally between the top two clubs, there is great rivalry.


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