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Bill O’Reilly and Michael Moore showdown

3-fahrenheitreader__Bill O’Reilly is a very successful television host, author, syndicated columnist and political commentator. Michael Moore is an American filmmaker, author and liberal political commentator who was in the 2005 Times 100 most influential people list.

Both O’Reilly and Moore are very successful in what they do. however the problem they both face is that they are in the opposite sides with Moore opposing the Bush administration and the war in Iraq and Bill O’Reilly siding with the war.

Moore finally accepted a request by O’Reilly to speak on Fox News which O’Reilly hosts. O’Reilly allegedly “cornered” Moore on a street when they bumped in to each other. Moore accepted O’Reilly’s request but with a condition that both Moore and O’Reilly will be aloud to ask a question one after the other with no interruptions.

The interview between the pair was long awaited by Fox News viewers and many fans of Moore.

See both parts of the video bellow with very interesting thoughts by both media icons.

Part 1

[media id=58 width=610 height=340]

Part 2

[media id=59 width=610 height=340]

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  1. How unlucky for the rest of us, but lucky for their bank balances, that O’Reilly and Moore both happen to be manipulative, intellectually dishonest hypocrites.

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