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Boko Haram Attacks: More than 200 People Killed by Boko Haram this Week Alone in Northeastern Nigeria / Africa News

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Reports have emerged that Boko Haram militants have killed more than 200 people in northeastern Nigeria this week alone.

Local reporters say Boko Haram killed scores in three villages in Borno State on Wednesday but the story did not come to the attention of reporters as a result of the remoteness of the area and lack of communication facilities.

Boko Haram has destroyed communications facilities in the area, claiming that the telecommunications companies have been providing intelligence about them for the government to track them.

“Boko Haram wreaked havoc in the villages. They burned houses and killed people mercilessly after tricking the residents,” Saleh Mohammed, a member of Civilian vigilante group told the Reuters African Service. The vigilante group is a local defence force created by the communities to defend themselves from Boko Haram attacks.

On Thursday, Boko Haram launched an attack on a village of village of Bardari, near the northeastern city of Maiduguri, killing about 45 people.

Residents told reporters that the militants told the residents they had come to preach to them but after the crowd has gathered to listen to the preaching, the militants opened fire.

There were reports too on Thursday afternoon that the Government House in Gombe State has come under severe explosion but it is still unclear how many people died in that attack.

Boko Haram has stepped up their attacks ever since they abducted the Chibok schoolgirls which sparked an international outrage. Political analysts say this the worse year for Nigeria since Boko Haram began their campaign in 2009.

An international rescue operation is still being carried out by the US and its allies to be able to locate and free the Chibok schoolgirls Boko Haram abducted on April 16.

President Goodluck Jonathan has ordered the military to eliminate Boko Haram from Nigeria to bring back the peace the country enjoyed previously. But this promise has yielded no results as Boko Haram still attack when and where they like without any resistance from government troops.

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