Up to 10,000 customers affected by scam

Up to 10,000 customers of the hotel booking website have been the victims of scammers using fraudulently obtained email addresses to steal thousands of pounds.

One of the world’s most widely used book sites, also the scene of many scandals before,, this time it was the victim vulnerability due to customers. Personal information of more than 10 thousand customers and their bank accounts were extorting. announced that it would meet my clients who are the victims of all the damage but did not detail!

Scammers accessed reservations made through the website and obtained customer contact details which they used to send demands for prepayment.

Customer Claire Coldwell, from West Yorkshire, said she booked hotel rooms for her and her colleagues who were attending a trade fair in London.

Speaking to the BBC, she said she expected to pay at the end of her stay but received emails asking for £3,000 before their arrival. “I got an email supposedly from saying that, because of the unusually high demand for those dates, the Hilton had taken the decision to ask for prepayment in full for the whole week,” she said.

She then received another email, supposedly from the hotel, with the same request. “They had everything like the reservation number, names of guests and the logos looked accurate.” Claire called and was told that the company never asks for payment up front.

The company said it was committed to countering fraud and has since made changes to data so it can only be accessed from a computer linked to the hotel’s server.

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