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Boxes on grounded Syrian plane had Russian-made spare radar parts for Syria

War , war never changes
War , war never changes

Cargo on board the grounded Syrian by Turkish authorities on Oct. 10 was reportedly transporting spare parts for Syrian radar and air defense systems.

Istanbul / NationalTurk – A Russian diplomat speaking to a Russian daily newsaper stated there were no arms on the plane, but simply spare parts for radars and manuals for air defense systems with their operating manual.

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The report further stated that no extensive permit was needed to transport such cargo since the boxes did not contain anything sharp, explosive or flammable.

Turkish authorities forced down the plane, which was en route from Moscow to Damascus, on suspicions that it was transporting weapons.

Grounded Syrian plane’s cargo is heavier than a few metals and stuff

Ankara has dismissed speculation that the incident will negatively affect relations with Moscow, but Russia reacted furiously after the event, sparking fears of a deterioration in Russian-Turkish ties.

Syrian government called the grounding of their plane an act of piracy. Turkey stated it was exercising its rights to defend the country. Moscow accused the Turkish government of endangering the lives of Russian nationals.

To summarize the Syria conflict that got international politics : Turkish military jets intercepting a passenger plane en route from Moscow to Damascus demonstrates just how much the 18-month Syrian conflict to topple the government of President Bashar al-Assad has rippled throughout the region and the world.

Russia wants to keep Syria as ally, USA wants oil and total Middle East domination, Turkey is just the puppet.

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