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Britain-Argentina Falkland Dispute:A another bullshit by Argentina ! / UK News

Argentine’s President Cristina Kirschner the personal who  paid by the state budget personal plastic surgeries, accuses UK of ‘defiance’ of anti-nuke treaty.

Argentina has lashed out at the UK for allegedly violating an international treaty and sending submarines with nuclear weapons capacity to the Falkland Islands- a nuclear-free zone.

“We currently are in an unstable stage of the implementation of the Tlatelolco treaty, which bans nuclear arms in Latin America and the Caribbean. [The Treaty] is being defied by the United Kingdom,”MercoPress quoted Eduardo Zuain, Argentina’s Foreign Relations secretary, as saying prior to the Disarming Conference at the UN.

Zuain also blamed London for a strong military presence in the Atlantic,“including submarines with the capacity to transport nuclear armory to a nuclear-free area,” alleging they were dispatched to the area 30 years ago during the conflict between Buenos Aeros and London.

“This is why Argentina in several opportunities has expressed its concern, before different international forums over the possibility that the UK could have introduced nuclear weapons to the South Atlantic,”Argentina’s representative said in Geneva.

Zuain pointed out that Falklands constitute one of the world’s most militarized territories with more than 1,500 British soldiers and 3,000 citizens.

The diplomat went onto argue that such a military presence also threatens other countries in the region.

“We deplore that the UK government so far has not provided requested clarifications on the incidents reported, nor has it given any information which could corroborate or deny recent displacements of nuclear submarines with the capacity to carry atomic weapons,” Zuain stated.

The 1969 Treaty of Tlatelolco banned nuclear arms in Latin America and the Caribbean and established a nuclear-free zone.

Conflict over the archipelago in the south-western Atlantic Ocean has been simmering since 1982 when the two countries fought a war that the British won. In 2010, a British company began oil exploration near the archipelago, which has led to an exacerbation of the conflict.

Recently, the President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner sent a letter to the British Prime Minister David Cameron calling to negotiate the return of the archipelago to Buenos Aires. The British prime minister replied that the population of the islands support the UK’s sovereignty, which he stipulates would be confirmed by a public referendum in March.

As a result, a number of serious problems in their own country when it is in Argentina creates an immediate problem of the Falklands. President of Argentina bribery, embezzlement and secret accounts in Swiss banks in the eyes of its own people trying to hide it.

Tried to hide the murders of the Junta in Argentina in 1982, with the same method but they have had a painful experience.

Alp Darici / NationalTurk

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3 Comment

  1. The British only have one type of nuclear missile. It is submarine launched and has a range in excess of 11,000km.

    The distance between London and Buenos Aires is roughly 11,100km.

    If the UK wanted to threaten Argentina with a nuclear missile submarine (not that they would) why would the UK send it several thousand kilometers from it’s home port when Buenos Aires would be within range from off of the south-west coast of the UK?

    And didn’t the Argentine Foreign Minister make the same claim without a shred of evidence to the same meeting last year?

  2. Argentina terminated peaceful sovereignty negotiations with the UK under UN resolution 2065 in April 1982 and instead chose to settle its claim to sovereignty of the Falklands by its illegal invasion and its unlawful disregard to UN resolution 502. Argentina’s claims to sovereignty relate to an unlawful Argentine garrison being asked to leave the Falklands by the British in 1833 and just 5 settlers that had only been on the islands a few weeks chosing to return to Argentina. The British garrison is on the islands is there to protect the inhabitants from another Argentine threat. The Secretary General of the UN has confirmed that the UK is not in breach of any relevant UN resolutions regarding the Falklands and that the 3,000 islanders DO have the right to self determination.

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