Cargo plane hits bus in Ghana, 10 people dead

10 people were killed in Ghana plane accident
10 people were killed in Ghana plane accident

A cargo plane has crashed near the airport in Ghana’s capital Accra after overshooting the runway, killing at least 10 people and hitting a bus on the ground.

Wreckage from the Allied Air plane could be seen in an area near the airport ın Ghana along with a damaged bus after the crash on Saturday night (local time). Police, rescue and fire officers flooded the scene and cordoned off the immediate area of the crash. Ghana’s airport operator confirmed the crash and said all four crew members survived. Doreen Owusu Fianko, the chief executive of the Ghana Airport Co., said the group has discounted airport equipment failure as one of the causes of the crash. She was telling they were open to outside help on the investigation.

10 people were killed in Ghana plane accident

The Boeing 727 cargo plane has been operated by the Nigerian-based Allied Air company. The ill-fated plane touched down in the early hours of Saturday evening on a runway at Accra’s Kotoka International Airport in Ghana but was not able to brake , according to Ghananian officials . The bus the plane crashed into was severely damaged, while the cargo plane’s wings and tail had broken off from its body. The plane crashed in an area just outside a stadium, near the Accra airport and a military base. It was reported that the plane haven’t striked any nearby residences or buildings.

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