Cathy Hummels shows the face of her son Ludwig

Big grin, chic outfit: Ludwig Hummels almost steals the show from his mother Cathy at the weekend.

If it weren’t for this eye-catching dress.

Cathy Hummels avoided showing the face of her now four-year-old son Ludwig from the front for four years. Hidden, from behind, from the side, a photo that was quickly deleted or an older photo were the only versions that the followers of the influencer had seen on Instagram. That’s enough of that.

Hummels shows three recent photos of her son from the front and one from the side. According to the 34-year-old, the pictures were taken during a DTM race. “Today Ludwig’s dream came true. See racing cars in real life and get to know a real racing driver, Maximilian Götz,” she writes. In the snapshots, she shines in a pink satin dress with wide sleeves that costs almost 600 euros next to her son Ludwig, who wears a colorful denim shirt in combination with shorts and sneakers.

Cathy Hummels is apparently clear that the photo premiere should attract the attention of fans and the media. Because the moderator immediately explains how it could happen that Ludwig can suddenly be seen in full: “I show Ludwig in this photo because he was here at an official appointment or I was with him”. It was his heart’s desire. “His smile and his bright eyes speak volumes,” said Cathy Hummels about her decision.

Mats Hummels has not liked the post

This is followed by a sentence that makes you sit up and take notice. Is Cathy Hummels suggesting that Ludwig is anything but enthusiastic about his parents’ back and forth? In any case, your wording is vague – and provides further breeding ground for the already wild speculation. “He also has to deal with a lot emotionally, but I’ll do my best,” it says somewhat cryptically.

Ludwig comes from Cathy Hummels’ marriage to professional soccer player Mats Hummels. So far, neither of them have publicly commented on the headlines surrounding a possible separation. Officially, they are still a married couple and have been since 2015. In any case, Mats Hummels is not among the numerous commentators celebrating Cathy Hummels for the post. The 33-year-old didn’t press the “Like” button either – unlike Jenny Elvers, Sabrina Mockenhaupt and more than 11,000 other fans.

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