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Fighting between former rebels and forces loyal to ousted president, Francis Bozize has left at least 73 people dead in the Central African, local reporters say.

Rebels know as the Seleka rebels ousted the then president Francis Bozize amid killing 13 of South African troops who were on a peacekeeping mission in the country, and forming a new government to steer the affairs of the country.

The military junta government spokesman said fighters loyal to former president Francois Bozize had seized the town of Bouca north of the capital.

The United Nations has warned that the Central Africa Republic could become a failed state and the tendency that it could slip back into civil war his very high if nothing is done by the international community.

Former President Francis Bozize is currently in France and hinted last month in the French Capital that he could stage a comeback to occupy his office as a president of the country.

Presidential spokesman, Guy-Simplice Kodegue said bridges had been destroyed and villages attacked near the town of Bossangoa, 250 km north-west of the capital Bangui and accused pro-Bozize fighters of attacking members of the Muslim population in the area. The Seleka rebels who seized power in March are largely Muslims.

“The defense forces lost five men, and there have been more than 73 killed among the assailants and civilians, houses were burnt, people were burnt alive including children, women and old people who had nothing to do with the fighting. It is really disgusting, Mr. Kodegue told reporters on late Monday.

Health authorities say the Seleka rebels are not discipline and are looting the Healthcare system, as well as robbing civilians, since they came to power.

Leader of the Seleka rebels and now self proclaimed president, Michel Djotodia has promised to hand over power after elections scheduled for 2016 but his policies for the nations are said to be failing and that projection of elections in 2016 might not be possible.

According to official United Nations figures, one third of the country’s 4.6 million people need assistance with food, shelter, healthcare or water and as many others are leaving in a deplorable condition.

The Central Africa Republic has been hit by a series of rebellions since independence from France in 1960.

There are large deposits of minerals including gold and diamonds but decades of conflict and mismanagement have left its people among one of the world’s poorest people.

Issaka Adams / NationalTurk Africa News

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