Concerns about Queen Elizabeth II’s health

For the first time, the Queen will not receive the new Prime Minister in London.

The Queen Elizabeth‘s health problems are cited as the reason.

Queen Elizabeth II is notorious for not wanting to break with tradition. It’s all the more troubling that the 96-year-old is now making a landmark change to her schedule. For the first time, she will not receive her country’s future head of government in London but at her residence in Balmoral, Scotland. The reason for this is the monarch’s ongoing health problems, which primarily affect her mobility, Buckingham Palace announced on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s successor is due to present himself to the Queen next Tuesday. It is the first time that the so-called hand-kissing ceremony has not taken place at Buckingham Palace since then Prime Minister Winston Churchill received the newly crowned Queen at Heathrow Airport in 1952.

She finds it increasingly difficult to walk

Actually, the 96-year-old should interrupt her summer break on Balmoral for the event. But for several months they have been plagued by health problems. In the autumn of last year, the Queen even had to spend a night in the hospital. In February she was infected with Corona and has felt “tired and exhausted” since then, as she revealed.

Above all, walking causes problems for her, the monarch appeared with a stick for several appointments or canceled them completely. Since then, the Queen has mainly carried out her royal duties from her Windsor Castle residence and prefers virtual audiences.

Outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson will also arrive in Balmoral on Tuesday to officially hand in his resignation. The runoff election for his successor at his conservative party runs until September 2nd, on Monday the winner is to be announced. In the polls, current Foreign Minister Liz Truss is well ahead of her rival, former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak.

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