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Drama happening in the Syrians refugee camps / Syria Civil War News Video

Number of Syrians refugees is increasing every day in Turkey but they all think and are afraid of what their future would be.

So they make the journey north, south, east and west to neighbouring counties that are letting them in; but are themselves increasingly concerned about the exodus.

Some 700,000 are registered as refugees in these countries. But the true number is much higher.

Two million are thought to be on the move in Syria. That number could be much higher as well.

On the border with Turkey, but still inside Syria, near the town of Azaz, the latest camp is taking root.

Seven thousand has turned to 11,000 in the past few days.

The camp is not squalid, but being on a muddy flood plain in snowy and rainy conditions it is miserable and cold.

The newest arrivals have to wait, sometimes days at a time, for the aid agencies to find or even build them a tent.

A family of ten is living in two trucks. They have been here two days.

“We couldn’t stay in our town anymore,” the Matriarch told me.

“The shelling never stops. It is too dangerous so we left. But our men have no jobs and we have no money that is why we are here as well,” she said.

The destruction of cities, towns and villages, the use of Scud missiles and air attacks are persuading Syria’s battered population to leave.

Two years after the start of this uprising life for the ordinary people is actually getting far worse than they ever expected.

The smoke of a thousand fires engulfs clothing lines looped between tents. Children wade through mud, playing games or picking up spaghetti stew in plastic cartons to take home to their tents from a series of distribution points.

A mother-of-six, Um Abdullah Najia, broke all protocols by allowing me, an unrelated male, into their tent, their home for the past five months.

They are not complaining about the conditions. But it is clear they are finding it tough.

“As you can see seven people are living in this small tent,” she said.

“This is our kitchen, our bathroom, our shower, our living room, our dining room. Everything is in this tent – but the situation outside is even worse.”

Every part of society in Syria is now being affected by this civil war. Huge numbers believe the end is not even remotely in sight. So the exodus goes on.

As was predicted long ago, one way or another, this whole region is now caught up in this crisis.

Video Turkey Syrian refugees

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