Drought in Belgium: 12 municipalities to impose water restrictions

12 Belgian municipalities decide to impose water restrictions: Here is the complete list / Water restrictions in Belgium

Due to the drought currently experienced in Belgium, a dozen municipalities have decided to impose water restrictions. Several municipalities in the provinces of Liège, Hainaut and Luxembourg are concerned. In addition, water network managers also adapt their withdrawals. / Water restrictions in Belgium

Twelve municipalities have decided to limit drinking water consumption to preserve waterways. The main cause: the high temperatures and the absence of rain reduce the waterways, the flows are increasingly weak.

The Haute Meuse is worrying because it supplies drinking water to nearly 2 million Belgians, especially in Brussels. Vivaqua, the water network manager, has decided to reduce the withdrawal. It is now at 120,000 cubic meters of water per day, it is half of a normal situation.

100,000 people are concerned, in the 12 municipalities which have decided to limit their water consumption.

Which municipalities are affected? / Water restrictions in Belgium

Province of Liege

– Stoumont

– Theux

– Pepinster

Province of Namur

– Rochefort

– Vresse-Sur-Semois

Province of Luxemburg

– Durbuy

– Libin

– Libramont


– Vielsalm

– Broth

Province of Hainaut


What are the rules?

First, watering your garden, washing your car, or even filling your swimming pool with drinking water are prohibited behaviors until further notice. Those who benefit from a cistern can use it until exhausted. To lift these restrictions, it will be necessary to wait until there is enough rain. The regional crisis center considers the situation worrying but manageable.

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