Dwight Howard Lakers Trade finally complete : Nash, Kobe, Gasol and Dwight Howard to face Lebron, Wade and Bosh

Lakers continues the habit of ' stealing ' the best centers of the game every decade / Lakers get Dwight Howard via trade
Lakers continues the habit of ' stealing ' the best centers of the game every decade / Lakers get Dwight Howard via trade

Dwight Howard traded to Lakers in a 4 team deal. Lakers get rid of Andrew Bynum in Dwight Howard trade. Orlando Magic was robbed. Gasol stays with the Lakers. Kobe happy.

NBA Trade News / NationalTurk – A four-team trade that would send Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers is complete, multiple sources told ESPN on Thursday night. Multiple sources are confirming that Dwight Howard will be traded to the Los Angeles Lakers in a multi-team deal, with the Lakers parting with center Andrew Bynum.

Lakers continues the habit of ‘ stealing ‘ the best centers of the game every decade / Lakers get Dwight Howard via trade

Los Angeles Lakers continues the habit of ‘ stealing ‘ arguably the best centers of the game every decade. Great Wilt Chamberlaine, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Shaq and 2012 Dwight Howard via trade. Orlando got robbed 2 times by Lakers, no offense meant.

Some overeager Lakers fanboys, who call them columnists say that Lakers should be given the NBA championship trophy immediately with Dwight Howard patrolling the paint for the Lakers and c/o Kobe Bryant & Gasol and Nash.

For many NBA fans the most beloved NBA player Steve Nash going to the most hated NBA team, the Los Angeles Lakers was a shock and upsetting. But one should give the Lakers the credit they deserve for adding Dwight Howard to a roster that already welcomed Steve Nash earlier this summer.

Are the Lakers the team to beat again after Dwight Howard trade?

That’s it for Orlando Magic ask many pundits. The NBA trade deal involving Dwight Howard heading to Lakers is also great for Denver Nuggets and the 76ers, except the Magic look like they are robbed.

Here are the terms of the blockbuster trade NBA was dying for : Los Angeles Lakers will receive Dwight Howard, the Denver Nuggets will land Andre Iguodala, the Philadelpia 76ers will get Lakers toss-out center Andrew Bynum and Jason Richardson, and the Orlando Magic will have for the next season Arron Afflalo, Al Harrington, Nikola Vucevic and one protected future first-round pick from each of the three teams involved in the trade that centers itself araoun Dwight Howard.

ESPN’S Marc Stein adds that the Orlando Magic will be receiving other pieces, including Philadelphia 76ers No. 1 draft pick Moe Harkless who was selected 15th overall in the 2012 NBA Draft.

The Lakers Dwight Howard trade call with the league office has been scheduled for Friday to secure the essential NBA approval to make the Dwight Howard trade deal official.

Los Angeles Lakers fall from grace forward Pau Gasol had been in and out of trade talks, before finally being excluded and given a chance for another shot at Lakers for the prized NBA Championship alongside the fresh Laker Dwight Howard.

One source briefed on Howard’s plans told Stein the All-Star center will indeed stand firm on his intent to play out the 2012-13 season without extending his contract so he can become a free agent on July 1, 2013. Going that route will enable Howard to decide how comfortable he is in Los Angeles before deciding whether to re-sign with the Lakers or join the Dallas Mavericks, who will have the requisite salary-cap space to sign Howard and remain one of his preferred destinations from his original list of three teams (Brooklyn Nets, Lakers and Mavericks).

Kobe Byrant ecstatic upon Gasol staying with Lakers ‘ despite ‘ Dwight Howard trade to Lakers

One source close to Lakers star Kobe Bryant, meanwhile, told NationalTurk that Kobe was ecstatic upon hearing that Los Angeles Lakers managed to complete Dwight Howard trade deal without having to give Pau Gasol away. Kobe Bryant is enjoying his London time with Team USA at the 2012 London Olympics.

Philadelphia 76’ers has not spoken to Andrew Bynum or his agents, and has no assurances the former Lakers center will sign a long-term extension with the 76’ers.

Near the end of July, Howard met with Magic general manager Rob Hennigan and reiterated his desire to be traded, and if he isn’t, would leave the team as a free agent after next season.

Is new trade material Dwight Howard’s Ideal Fit for Lakers after Nash ?

With Steve Nash running the point and Dwight Howard down low, the Lakers are going to be unstoppable. As a life-long Lakers fan, I could not be happier.

The Lakers’ position on Dwight Howard trade had remained relatively unchanged for the past few months, league sources familiar with the situation told The Los Angeles Lakers always had been willing to trade for Dwight Howard without assurances he’d re-sign with them after the season, believing that once Dwight Howard experienced a championship culture, he would want to stay there.

While Steve Nash is a huge upgrade at the point guard position for the Lakers, his clear liability is on the defensive end. Dwight Howard will be able to turn away quick point guards who penetrate past Steve Nash and get into the lane.

Andrew Bynum was never known for his defensive play, seeming to tolerate playing defense in order to play offense on the next possession. Lakers fans think he won’t be missed after Dwight Howard Lakers Trade.

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