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Fatih Akin “The Cut”: Turkish right-wing extremists threaten filmmaker / Breaking News


The new film by Fatih Akin deals with the genocide of the Armenians in 1915 now threatens ultra-nationalists in Turkey. “This film isnt comes any Turkish cinema.

Actually had Fatih Akin, 40, want to make a film about the Armenian journalist Hrant Dink. The chief editor of the Turkish-Armenian weekly “Agos” was shot in 2007 on the open road in Istanbul by a teenager. “But I could not convince them Turkish actor to take on the role of Hrant Dink,” Akin said in an interview with “Agos”.

After reading the script, all rejected for fear of the ultra-nationalists. He wanted to bring no actor in danger, Akin said. “That’s why I had to abandon the project.”
Fatih Akin, multi-award-winning director and filmmaker (“Against the Wall”, “Soul Kitchen”) from Hamburg with Turkish roots, instead, opted for a different project: In “The Cut” is about a living in the southeast Turkish city of Mardin man which survived in 1915, the mass killings of Armenians and will embark on a search for his daughters.

But, this film brings the ultra-nationalists in Turkey boil, because it deals with the subject of Armenians. During the First World War, the Ottomans killed after presentation of Armenians about 1.5 million Armenians, therefore they speak of genocide. Turkey rejects the term from in this context and denies that so many people were killed. Thus, more than half a million Armenians had died, and this. In fighting during the war and because of famine

Fatih Akin Threat:”With white cap”

However, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan described the events this year for the 99th anniversary in a surprising gesture of rapprochement as “inhuman” and “our shared pain.”

Akin said that Turkey was now “ripe” for this film. “Whoever is afraid, I say it’s just a movie but I’m sure that the Turkish society of which I am ready for this movie..” He is shown at the Venice Film Festival for the first time in late August.

After the interview Akins with “Agos” responded the Turkish right-wing extremists with a threat that they published on the Internet. “We threaten the newspaper ‘Agos’ Armenian fascists and the so-called intellectuals,” it says. “This film will be shown in any single cinema in Turkey.” You shall place the matter “with White Cap” track – an allusion to the headgear of the murderer of Hrant Dink, who had applied against the nationalists, because he used the term genocide.

The film, write the nationalists continued, was “a first of several steps, Turkey to get them to accept the lie of the Armenian genocide.” The do not want to accept the extremists obviously. The weekly “Agos” has announced to launch after the threat legal action. Fatih Akin is currently on vacation and could not be reached for a response.

In the film project about Akin had insisted that a Turk has to play the role. It was important to him to make “a Turkish film”. “An American or French actor would Hrant can not play,” he said, “Agos”. “We need to even deal with this issue.”

In “The Cut” but refrained Akin that a Turk has to take the lead role. The role of the survivors of 1915 Tahar Rahim plays – a Frenchman with Algerian roots.

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