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Fight against Iraqi Islamists:Iran’s President Rohani offers to US cooperation / Breaking News


The advance of the jihadists in Iran could lead to unusual alliances. Iran’s president Rohani expressed a willingness to cooperate with the United States. He also denied that Iran has already sent troops to the neighboring country.

In the fight against the jihadist group Isis Iran‘s President Hassan Rohani has made a cooperation with the U.S. in view. On the question of whether cooperation with the archenemy possible Rohani said at a press conference: “We can think about when we see that the U.S. terrorist groups in Iraq and elsewhere confront.”

Rohani also reiterated his support for the Iranian government, which he had previously assured the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in a telephone interview. His country was ready to help the neighbors in the context of international law. However, the President denied reports that Iran has already sent troops to Iraq. “We will support and advise our neighbors Iraq in every way, but a military involvement has not been requested and is not at issue,” he said.

Earlier, the “Wall Street Journal” reported, citing Iranian security circles that Iran had sent three battalions of the Quds Brigades in the struggle against Isis in Iraq. The Quds brigades are elite units of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

The Sunni extremists of Isis have brought in recent days, large parts of Iraq under their control. The government in Baghdad is as quoted in Tehran by Shiites. Isis considered Shiites as infidels who must be fought without consideration.

Fight against Iraqi Islamists:Confidence in nuclear negotiations

Rohani commented on the state in the televised press conference also optimistic on the progress of the international negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program. He thought that it was possible to conclude a comprehensive agreement with the five UN veto powers and Germany until the deadline on July 20. Outstanding issues could be resolved by good will and flexibility.

The negotiations had leave last seen little progress. The West suspects Iran of secretly seeking to develop nuclear weapons. The Islamic Republic denies this and insists on its right to the peaceful use of nuclear energy.



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