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Fuat Yaman: We witness the best competition of late years

Fuat Yaman
Fuat Yaman

The experienced coach of Turkish football and NationalTurk commenter Fuat Yaman analyzed the World Cup.

1. Spain said farewell to World Cup after the defeat against Chile. What do you want to say about this match and Spain? Del Bosque is in the middle of the criticism after the match. Particularly he is criticized due to his choices of players and his system.

Spain with a great improvement in recent years said goodbye to the World Cup. The statements about their system accelerated the process. Their choice of coach and the players could be more active. With different applications, Spain could be in the semi final at least.

2. Considering the host of World Cup, Brazil began with the win against Crotia and draw with Mexico. How can you evaluate the atmosphere of Brazil with these two matches and the atmosphere of Brazil?

Brazil will probably evaluate the advantages of being host such as referees. They are not so successful as a team. They are playing with the worst 9 (Fred). Their most effective players are still not in high level such as Oscar and Neymar. Besides, referees and ambiance are their biggest advantages.

Fuat Yaman: USA does not give up the fight

3. United States has improved the football team recently, particularly the footballers playing in Europe such as Michal Bradley, Jose Altidore, Jermei Jones. They defeated Gana in the first match (2-1). How can you evaluate United States team in terms of its continent. Do Latin culture and continent have affected this improvement

American football style is different from Latin countries and similar with European style. It is based on physical strength and they try to play quickly. The team is developing every day. They should increase the individual level of quality. They will be stronger in near future. The performance against Portugal shows it. Even though the match was desperate for them, they did not give up the fight throughout the match. If the goal Portuguese was not scored, they could get what they wanted.

4. We witnessed that Mexico with stars such as Dos Santos, Hernandes challenged against Brazil successfully. With the brilliance of goalkeeper Ochoa, how can you evaluate the improvement of football in Mexico?

Mexico gained the score with its successful and lucky goalkeeper. Despite of the qualified players such as Dos Santos and Hernandes, I do not expect for greater success.

Fuat Yaman: England coach is insufficient.

5. England could not begin after their hearts and have been criticized a lot. How can you evaluate England?

Despite of a successful Liverpool example and qualified players, they were unsuccessful due to wrong system. There should have been a system with middle position domination. The deficiency of coach was obvious.

Fuat Yaman: Italy will get better

6. Italy and France gained 3 points without sacrificing their football systems. Particularly Italian coach Cesare Prandelli was appreciated. Besides, Balotelli ornamented his high level of performance with a goal. In France, Benzema scored as well. How can you evaluate these two European teams?

France is young and dynamic team. They have qualified players as one of the best teams of the competition. Italy has a limited potential with experiences. They are playing calmly by decreasing tempo. Their coach is good with a potential of surprises.

7) Spain was defeated with 5 goals against Holland. There is a great league of La Liga and nobody expected this score before the match. It was like a revenge of 2010 World Cup. How can you evaluate Spain and Holland?

Holland seems ready. They are aggressive and quick with effective players. Spain collapsed. Their only disadvantage is that they do not have alternative players. God forbid the strikers!

Fuat Yaman: How far can Luis Suarez be adequate?

  8) How can you evaluate Uruguay – England match? What do you think about Luis Suarez?

Uruguay means Suarez. He was a lifter patient three weeks ago and has 5 kilos more. He is great but we should ask how far can Luis Suarez be adequate?

Fuat Yaman: I expect semi final from Costa Rica

  9) After the win of Costa Rica, Italy’s 3 footballers were tested for doping and Costa Rica’s were called. How can you evalute the behavior of FIFA and the win of Costa Rica? What is your opinion for the match?

The brilliant team is Costa Rica in the Cup. They have 5-6 qualified players and an extremely great coach! They made press all around the area and they could see the result easily. The win against Italy is a proof. I expect semi final from Costa Rica.

Fuat Yaman: Referees should not affect the results

10) How can you evaluate generally the atmosphere of Brazil?

It is the best competition recently. Matches and goals are enjoyable. The further matches may be with fewer goals. Besides, I expect surprises from Belgium. They have young and qualified players. We should ask the protests to the people outside of the competition. We witnessed good and bad managements. I hope that at least referees will not affect the results.

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