“Game of Thrones” star Joseph Gatt has been arrested

Serious allegations against the Hollywood star. Joseph Gatt is said to have been involved in sexually explicit online chats with a minor. He was arrested and his house searched.

Actor Joseph Gatt has been arrested in Los Angeles. This was announced by the Los Angeles Police Department. Accordingly, the police had initially learned that Gatt was “involved in sexually explicit online communication with a minor across state lines”.

Then, on April 6, detectives searched his home in Los Angeles. Subsequently, the investigators arrested him because of an outstanding arrest warrant. The reason: contact with a minor for sexual purposes.

Joseph Gatt reportedly at large again

The investigations into the case are not yet complete, it said. The police are looking for more victims. As the US celebrity portal “TMZ” reports, Gatt is said to have been released on bail on the same day.

Among other things, Joseph Gatt is known for his role as Thenn Warg, which he played in the hit series “Game of Thrones” in 2014. The actor has also appeared in Hollywood blockbusters such as Thor, Star Trek Into Darkness and Dumbo.

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