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Germany- Brazil Analysis by Fuat Yaman

Fuat Yaman
Fuat Yaman

Turkish experienced manager and NationalTurk commentator Fuat Yaman analyzed Germany- Brazil match and Argentina- Netherlands match

Firstly, Germany- Brazil match had a surprising score. Semi-finals for strong teams should not be over with this score. Even for a team with a “DEAD” scorer as Fred, with a zero middle position and semi-star Neymar, it is still ridiculous score… (I think finding Neymar’s absence as the reason of the score is ridiculous as well…)

Moreover, the score is unexpectable for even Scolari who struggles only against referees and uses a system for Portugal 2. league team. Besides, it is unexpectable after a great support of referees.

In Germany’s side, the team was fast and well-organized. They obtained benefits from a team playing wrong and overestimated. They will play against the Netherlands or Argentina with a similar system and probably they will be the second team in the World Cup 2014.

In the second match between Argentina and the Netherlands;

They are similar with defensive system and qualified offensive positions and fast players. While the absence of Agüero is a negative point, Di Maria’s absence reduces the luck of Argentina. Van Persie is not as he was in the beginning of the World Cup and it is a disadvantage fort he Netherlands. The match will probably be boring but I believe that the winner of this match will also be the winner of the World Cup.

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