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Germany North Rhine-Westphalia: Attack on Yazidis Police major operation in Herford / Breaking News


The police had to intervene with Hundreds: In Herford, Westphalia, Yazidis and sympathizers of the terror group “Islamic State” with wooden planks, bricks and bottles are gone off together.

In Herford, Westphalia, there has been conflict between Yazidis and followers of the Muslim faith. Both groups were on Wednesday night against: on the one hand, up to 300 Yazidis, on the other hand, several groups of Muslims, Salafis and supporters of the terrorist organization “Islamic State” (IS).

Both sides attack each other with stones, bottles and wood panels. According to police, individual participants were injured. In addition, there was property damage in the inner city where followers of different faiths participated. A larger group of masked men, who was armed with impact tools, have also embarked on passers-by, officials reported.

Had started the clashes, police said in the afternoon at 16 clock in front of a diner near the railway station Herford. Five men Yezidi and six men of the Muslim faith were involved in a brawl, WDR reported online. They should have been armed with bottles and a knife. Two Yazidis, a 16 and a 31-year-old were, according to media reports slightly injured by knife wounds.

Occasion of the dispute should have been a poster. It was called by Yazidis a demonstration to protest against the actions of the terrorist group IS in Iraq and Syria.

Police officers from East Westphalia and forces the police Hundreds of Bochum and Dortmund separated the groups. Several people suffered minor injuries during the clashes, according to ambulatory care they were released. Six people who were involved in the attacks were temporarily arrested.

On the night of Thursday, the police then resorted to an almost 100-strong Jesidengruppe with batons and a sharp firearm. The Yazidis were pulled through the city center. The police picked up a large part of the weapons confiscated and the personal.

Also on Thursday, the police Herford am supported by forces of a hundred of Münster and his presence in the city, said a spokesman for police in Herford . The state protection have included investigations into the attacks.

In Iraq, fighting government forces and Kurdish militias against the terrorist group IS. Tens of thousands of Yezidis are faced with the Islamists on the run. Yazidis are a Kurdish religious minority. Its origins lie in northern Iraq, northern Syria and southeastern Turkey. In many Middle Eastern countries they are persecuted.

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