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Greek journalist Sokratis Giolias gunned down in cold blood

A Greek journalist has been killed after gunmen opened fire outside his home in Athens early Monday.

Sokratis Giolias, a renowned journalist in Greece was reported to have been shot 15 times by gunmen in front of his house.

According to the Troktiko website which was founded by Giolias and one of the country’s most visited news source, alleged that an anonymous phone call had been made to the 37-year-old that his car was being stolen.

As Giolias went outside, the alleged three gunmen then opened fire at the father, and shot at him in a cold blooded attack.

One source alleged that the men had police uniforms on but this information has not yet been confirmed.

Greek police have confirmed that two guns were used in the attack according to witnesses.

It was not yet known who or why Giolias was murdered, but the journalist was renowned for his work on the Thema FM radio station and on Troktiko news blog where he tackled politicians and business men for fraud, foul play and many other issues.

Greece has a high corruption rate, and very few media outlets and journalists, such as Giolias ever criticized politicians and businesses on these issues.

The Greek’s will be going through austerity measures to pay for the joint IMF and EU €110 billion bailout too take the country out of debt.

However the Greeks had gone through several general strikes as many had complained that the debts had been made by corrupt politicians, which is a sign of the severity that Greek politics is in.

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  1. George, in fact it was not a phone call.

    They rang his bell and they spoke to him through the door’s phoneset.

    Unfortunately, it was a well organized execution, leaving no direct evidence other than the bullets.

    So no, this is a difficult case, but yes, the fact that there is high corruption here in Greece makes it’s solution even more difficult, and also makes the whatever results of the investigation will turn, of questionable truth.

    Sokratis was loved and respected by everyday people.

    He could choose to become corrupt, blackmailing like many other greek journalists, or he could choose to keep distance from dangerous stories, like even more greek journalists.

    However he chose instead to publish the information, with courage and no care about who or what it involved.

    He lived in an average house, drove an average car, had a beautiful, humble family. He was the father of two children, the second not yet born.

    In his ways, he was one of us little people, and yet his heart and spirit was exceptional. His mind and pen sharp.

    His only mistake was that he underestimated the monstrosity that some people can hide.

    We mourn for him, for his family… and for us.

  2. This should be an easy case to solve. The phone number that called him can be traced, and the bullets, the guns and the witnesses provide further evidence. In addition, there should have been test calls to his phone before the murder, which will allow pattern tracing of the criminals.

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