Happy ending for Russian Parasailing donkey as video prompts care for animal

NationalTurk/RT MOSCOW – The case of a donkey, which was sent parasailing by entrepreneurs over the Azov Sea, raised protests among local residents and from animals’ rights activists worldwide.

Video Russian Parasailing donkey and care.

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Anapka the parasailing donkey was tied to a parachute and a motorboat and sent flying for nearly an hour before the boat stopped and the traumatized donkey fell into the water, desperately trying to get to dry land.

Anapka is very happy from the attention she has been getting.

Now, her fortunes have turned with Anapka currently residing at the luxury Kremlin Stables, where she will undergo special treatment.

17-year-old ‘Anapka’ now has a separate stable in the Kremlin Horse Riding School, where she will live for about a month.

She will be examined by a vet and will receive treatment, which also includes massages.

News of the parasailing donkey raised protests not only in Russia, but also abroad, with numerous animal rights activists demanding action the donkey’s owner, Vasily Gorobets, be brought to justice.

When her treatment at the Kremlin Stables is over, Anapka will be sent to a new animal sanctuary in Hampshire, southern Britain, which was built by the manager of Premier League football club Tottenham Hotspurs, Harry Redknapp.

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